Moune, Gosei Yellow
Moune, Gosei Yellow
Full Name: Moune
Ranger Destinatiion: Gosei Yellow
Weapons: Gosei Blaster, Landick Claw
Gear: Tensouder
Headers: Tiger, Landick Brothers

She is of the Landick (land tribe with power over the earth and fire elements). Agri's younger sister and youngest member of the group, and as such is very straightforward. As Gosei Yellow, she has the Landick Power of Sprout. Moune is very impulsive and somewhat hyperactive. She also is somewhat lazy since she prefers just jump in action instead training. His brother thinks she has great potential, but her impulsiveness don't allow her to unleash said potential. Moune's dream is to become some kind of police officer alongside her brother. Moune started the series having conflicts with her own brother, duo the training of her skills. She also have conflicts with Eri duo her easygoing personality. But, when she and Eri had to team up in order to help the other Goseiger who was kidnapped, it's revealed that Moune actually cares for her friend and that Eri fells the same. Since then, both have became best friends.

Despite being very impulsive, Moune also have a soft side which she showed when she helped a girl that was afraid of an surgery. In order to help the girl out, Moune had joined a group of cheerleaders and with the help of her tensou techniques, she performed a "cheerful dance" for the girl. Moune also had an argument with Hyde duo he believing Moune acted as children. However, after the battle against Tageito of the Satellite, both started to be friends and Hyde had acknowledge Moune as a full member. During the battles against yuumajyu, Moune started dream with her mother and miss the Gosei World and her family. So, Sarawareteiru of the Fairy tricks Moune by disguising itself as Moune's mother, so it could destroy the heroine and let the Goseiger without one member. However, Moune snapped out the spell thanks to Gosei Knight and Sarawareteiru was defeated.

Thanks to all the Goseiger's battle, Moune had a good amount of growth, though, she still had some childish acts and lacking strategy skills like when the Goseiger were trying to find a leader, Eri passed the role to Moune who didn't have much idea about plan besides punching. Moune was also showed as someone who can't control her own angry. However, during a battle against Adoborute-G of the Vital, Moune showed more control over her own emotions, but kept some of her impulsive personality. When Gosei Knight was kidnapped by Brajira, Moune and Agri decided to leave the search with the other, while they tried to analyze one of Brajira's evil Headders. Tthe improvement of her teamwork with the brother and the Goseiger, made Master Head praise them for their growth. In the end of the series, Moune, alongside the others decide to stay in the Earth as apprentices. So, they let Nozomu's house and go around the world.