The Matroids are the robotic servants of the Matrintis Empire. They follow three protocols: conquer humans, punish humans, and protect themselves from any hostility. With the use of Metal Alice's enhancement of the Bibi Bugs to become Bibi Nails, the Matriods are able to enlarge.

Zan-Kt of the Shield
Height: 199cm to 49.8m
Weight: 261kg to 652.5t
Zan-KT is the first Matroid used by the Matrintis Empire to capture humans, able to transmutate a shield from surrounding materials and with data on the Goseigers for an added advantage. He is scrapped by Gosei Ultimate. Based on a scallop. Zan-KT is named after Short Circuit.

Zan-KT2 of the Shoot
Height: 219cm to 54.8m
Weight: 287kg to 717.5t
Soon after his defeat, Zan-KT is rebuilt and upgraded with the battle data from his previous fight with the Goseigers, giving him an advantage until Gosei Knight intervenes. Gosei Ultimate and Gosei Ground are used to defeat Zan-KT2. His name comes from the movie Short Circuit 2.

Zuteru-S of the Mach
Height: 202cm to 50.5m
Weight: 265kg to 662.5t
Zuteru-S is sent by the Matrintis Empire to gather humans for labor, able to fly at blinding speeds. His signature move, Mach Extreme, allows him to fire a barrage of missiles. He is destroyed by Ultimate Gosei Great. Zuteru-S is named after Stealth and modeled after a copepod.

Bazaruso-LJ of the Scan
Height: 205cm to 51.3m
Weight: 269kg to 672.5t
Bazaruso-LJ is sent to find physically fit humans and capture them in order to convert into Mechajin slaves. However, he is destroyed by Ultimate Gosei Great. Bazaruso-LJ is named after Universal Soldier and modeled after a cuttlefish.

Adoborute-G of the Vital
Height: 208cm to 52m
Weight: 273kg to 682.5t
doborute-G is send to test out his petrifying Vital Meter on humans in a scheme to ensure their human slaves would not be defiant. His signature move is Shotgun Go-Go, firing a barrage of bullets from his body. Defeated by Super Gosei Yellow, Adoburute-G is eventually destroyed by Gosei Ultimate. Adobourte-G is named after Crank: High Voltage and modeled after a sea squirt.

Bakutofuji-ER of the Timer
Height: 206cm to 51.5m
Weight: 270kg to 675t
Bakutofuji-ER uses the Time Reverse ability, able to turn back time 10 seconds. He was used by Metal-Alice to lure the Goseigers into trap so Buredo-RUN could destroy them. Enlarging to cover Buredo-RUN, Bakutofuji-ER battles Gosei Ultimate and Gosei Ground before using his Time Reverse to fight against the former's Ultimate Strike. However, unbeknownst to Metal-Alice, Buredo-RUN shoots a beam into the colliding attacks that causes a time warp which sucks Alata and Bakutofuji-ER in. The two battled in the past before returning to the present, with the Matroid finally destroyed by Ground Gosei Great. He is named after Back to the Future and modeled after a horseshoe crab.

Ain-1 of the Neautral
Height: 197cm to 49.8m
Weight: 258kg to 645t
Ain-I is a Matroid designed by Metal-Alice in her own scheme to understand the concept of friendship, placing a remote-controlled Alice Bomb with a 300 meter blast radius in his body. Left in the care of Eri, Ain-I is renamed "Koro" and learns many things before Metal-Alice deems the experiment a waste of her time and wipes out his memory while activating his battle mode. Though his brain is damaged in the fight, Metal-Alice enlarges Ain-I and activates the Alice Bomb as Super Gosei Pink manages to use Gosei Ultimate to take Ain-I into the stratosphere before he suddenly reactivates and knocks Gosei Ultimate away to save Eri. He is named after A.I. and modeled after a starfish.

Saroge-DT of Imitation
Height: 210cm to 52.5m
Weight: 275kg to 687.5t
Saroge-DT is a Datas Hyper-like Matroid who ends his sentences with "death", built personally by Robogogu from researching Datas' schematics and upgrading them while extracting data on the Goseigers and Gosei Knight. As a result, Saroge-DT is able to counter any attack by the Goseigers and Gosei Knight. However, Saroge-DT is caught off guard by the effects of Gosei Blue's Camoumirage Card before being destroyed by the Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic, then enlarged and beaten by Datas Hyper before he and Gosei Ultimate finally destroy the Matroid. Adobourte-G is named after Surrogates and modeled after a sponge.

Zan-KT3 of the Short
Height: 204cm to 51m
Weight: 268kg to 670t
The Zan-KT3s are 3 mass-produced Matroids that combine the attributes of the previous models, though the Zan-KT3s are all easily destroyed by the Goseigers, one by the Sky Buster, another by the Landsea Buster and the last by Gosei Knight's Knight Dynamic. Based on a scallop. Zan-KT is named after Short Circuit.