Savage Land Bankiju (Barbaric Machine Beasts)
The Barbaric Machine Beasts are monsters created to pollute the Earth. They are each separated into three sects, that are under the Pollution Ministers: Savage Ground, Savage Water, and Savage Sky. The Barbaric Machine Beasts are each upgraded with a special energy that enlarges them upon being defeated in battle, though the process is slightly delayed.

Scoop Banki
Height: 222 cm to 55.5 m
Weight: 225 kg to 562.5 t
Yogostien sent this Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast to attack Neo Tokio Hills. He often said "Kappore" in his sentences. His main attacks were "Landslide Blizzard" and the stronger "Super Landslide Blizzard", using his shovel gauntlets to scoop up boulders or bury his oppoents in dirt. He was killed by Engine Oh.

Jishaku Banki
Height: 214 cm
Weight: 240 kg
Denjishaku Banki Height: 234 cm to 58.5 m
Denjishaku Banki Weight: 263 kg to 657.5 tons
A Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostien who uses his magnetism, able to take and use his opponents' weapons. He becomes Denjishaku Banki, an electromagnet, via an electric current through an inductor. He is the first opponent of Engine Oh Birca.

Boring Banki
Height: 221 cm to 55.8 m
Weight: 249 kg to 622.5 tons
A Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein, it is based on a machine called a boring that was made to achieve greater accuracy to cut a tapered hole in items like rocks by obtaining the of the diameter of the hole. The Go-onger couldn't take him on because the first three Engines were rusted and CarryGator was still charging. He seemingly went to sleep, but in reality was digging all the way to collect magma to overflow the Earth with lava. It tackled GunBirO and spit lava on it. It was finally destroyed by the combined efforts of EngineOh and GunBirO.

Hatsuden Banki
Height: 217 cm to 54.2 m
Weight: 244 kg to 610 t
An electrical generator Land Barbaric Machine Beast that generates large amounts of electricty when he turns his crank. To stop him from turning it, Sousuke gets close to him but he does generate lighting and it hits both of them. They wake up in each other's bodies and the Go-onger initally beleive Sousuke is sick but Speedor is able to tell them. Yogostien tries using this to this advantage by grabbing sousuke's body and making the Go-Onger kill Sousuke inside Hatsuden, but the Go-onger were able to turn it around. The Engine Souls spun around Sousuke and made him into a soul chip and the Go-onger shot him in the Junction Rifle into Go-On Red. When Hatsuden returned to his body, they destroyed him with EngineOh G-6.

Happa Banki
Height: 221 cm
Weight: 248 kg
A dynamite Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein to destroy the city and almost defeated the Go-Onger until the Go-on Silver and Go-On Gold interfere. Hiramechimedes and Yogostein plotted together to target the five Go-Onger in order to call out the Go-On Wings. Unfortunately, they were all bested by Go-On Wings. He is defeated by Go-On Gold and he tries to grow giant but is unable to do so because Gold took his Bikkurium. He simply exploded and hence was destroyed.

Nokogiri Banki
Height: 226 cm to 56.5 m
Weight: 254 kg to 635 tons
A saw Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast that would cut buildings or anything taller than him, which Hanto used to call him out by parading around on stlits. His only weakness was the constant tightening of the bolt that keeps his forearm together. He was destroyed by EngineOh G6, before Jetoras and Triptor confused him by spinning around him. Hiramechimedes manages to gather the remains of Nokogiri Banki to rebuild him as Chainsaw Banki.

Chainsaw Banki
Height: 229 cm to 57.2 m
Weight: 258 kg to 645 tons
A chainsaw Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast who Hiramechimedes rebuilt from the parts of Nokogiri Banki. Hiramechimedes planned for him to create lots of dust from cutting wood in a warehouse to cause an explosion, with the Go-Onger inside. The building did catch on fire but the fire was put out by Jum-Bowhale. Destroyed by Seiku-Oh.

Boseki Banki
Height: 224 cm to 56 m
Weight: 252 kg to 630 t
She is the first female Banki seen in the series. A spinning mule Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Yogostein to execute Hiramechimedes, able to fire streams of cloth to immoblize her enemy in her Shuuraiya attack. She seemed to be stronger than Hiramechimedes but she was actually working for him. She was destroyed by Engine-Oh G9.

Hammer Banki
Height: 221 cm to 55.2 m
Weight: 251 kg to 627.5 t
A hammer Savage Land Barbaric Machine Beast created by Yogostein when he returned from his travel. Being infused with his creator's hate, Hammer Banki is compelled to destroy everything even to the point of disobeying Yogostein. Hammer Banki was the first to battle the completed Go-Roader. He was destroyed by the combined efforts of Engine-Oh G9 and Go-Roader.

Drill Banki
Height: 225 cm to 56.3 m
Weight: 253 kg to 632.5 t
A Savage Earth Barbaric Machine Beast who ends his sentences with -dori and can fire his Dri-Cam Attack from his drill on his head. He was sent by Yogostein to find the "Golden Dragon" in hope that it was the Horonderthal. Drill Banki accidentally revived the Ancient Engines instead and was berated by Yogostein to find them under the impression that they were the Horonderthal. Taking out his frustrations on the Go-ongers, Drill Banki is the first to be destroyed by Kyoretsu-Oh.