Renn Kousaka, Go-On Blue
Full Name: Renn Kousaka
Ranger Designation: Go-On Blue
Weapons: MantanGun, Garage Launcher, Handle Blaster
Gear: Go-Phone, Bus-on Engine Soul, Change Soul, Blaster Soul, Kyuyu Soul
Engine: Bus-on

Renn is a former bus driver, he dreamed of being in a mechanic the gran prix, a dream his parents didn't initially approve of. Even though he likes to keep quiet, he also enjoys talking to people. His nickname is Cyclopedia, he is a encyclopedic knowledge and he became a famed game show contesant in Episode 11. The first day the Gaiark attacked the Human World, Renn was in the bleachers and he went to fight the Ugats and that is why Bus-On chose him to be a Go-onger. He likes drawing the different Barbaric Machine Beasts on a notepad and taking down their names. As Go-On Blue, his physical strength is that equal of a large-sized car, and yet he manages to retain his cool. He is the group's cook, they love his cooking and wouldn't have it any other way. Least the say, the cooking of the other members can not even be passable as cooking. He dotes over the others, even to the point that Gunpei and Bus-On call him Hanto's mother and later on, the whole team was accostumed to call him the team's mother. He is also a master mechanic and engineer, being able to construct the components to form EngineOh G6. He is most depenable and he stands by his word. For example, in Episode 13, he stood up to a girl's father in a duel even though he is a menacing gangster.

In Episode 25, it is revealed that his family owns a hotel. His mother died when he was very young, he taught himself to make omelettes, which she loved. He took the omelette to a statue, saying he coudn't let her eat it and the statue would suck it up. It happened to be that the statue was in actuality an enemy of the Engines, Uzumaquixote. Renn wanted to protect the statue from the Gaiark and Go-On Wings because of his attachment to it, which Gunpei also defended upon learning the past. Uzumaquixote fought against Renn but when big, he couldn't forget all the good vibes Renn gave him. Renn had also developed the Kyukyu soul, a special soul to power up the Engines. In Episode 37, Renn helped the Ancient Engines understand not to blame themselves for Sosuke turning to rust. Several months after the last battle, Renn was finally a mechanic... working at the same go-cart track Sosuke did. He was recruited by Speedor and Bomper to help the Engines save the Gunman World.

"Just Correct!! Go-on Blue"