Miu Suto, Go-On Silver
Full Name: Miu Suto
Ranger Designation: Go-On Silver
Weapons: Wing Trigger, Rocket Dagger
Gear: Wing Trigger, Jetoras Soul Engine, Change Soul
Engine: Jetoras, Jum-bowhale

She is Hiroto's younger sister, she is a posh girl, with a lot of style and loves fixing flower arrangements. She calls her brother 'Ani.' Her fighting style is aikido. She and her brother chosen by the Wing Clan Engines and brought to the Machine World to become Go-On Wings before the Go-onger team came to be. However, it is due to their training that they arrive late to the human World in the battle against the Gaiarc. Go-on Wings view the five Go-ongers as being too inexperienced to protect the Earth from Gaiark. She and her brother have a psychic connection with their engines and are a bit preocognitive. She has a habit of what her brother calls caring for stray dogs. She took the Go-Ongers under her wing to 'straighten' up their act. She is very close to her brother, they are both wealthy and sometimes treat the Go-Onger to feasts and sometimes decided not to lend them money. With the Rocket Dagger, she can perform attacks such as "Freezing Dagger", "Shooting Dagger", and "Full-Power Dagger." Her partner is the male Jetoras and they both find the Go-Onger 'interesting.'
In Episode 20, Miu refused to believe Hiroto was a ladies' man from the Go-Onger who had witnessed it. She confronted one of the women and she explained she was not a girlfriend but wanted Hiroto to be a Hollywood star. The other women had aspirations for him, the woman blamed him for getting in the way of his potential future because he said he wanted to be a hero with her. She blamed herself for hindering him until he made it clear to her that he became a hero because it is what he wanted the most. Miu misunderstood this as that he was a Gattai (combination) fanatic. In Episode 38, Miu fell apart without her brother when the boys when they were rendered inmobil by Shower Banki. Saki got her to believe in herself. In Episode 26, BearRV had developed a crush on Jetoras and Miu was not approving of the love affair. But when Prince Nigoru took BearRV, Saki convinced Miu to team up with her. Miu and Saki had grown to be great friends, they both teamed up by Kegaleshia to form G3 Princess in order to subdue a common enemy in the form of Rombiako of the Sound World. The three worked great as a team, in fact they enjoyed having her along but unfrotuantely when Rombiako was defeated, she became their enemy once again.

In Episode 43, Miu went undercover as a high school student in a school suspected to where Kegaleshia was planning something. It had been revealed that she was homeschooled and never attended high school with other students and she found out she had a knack for various activites such as cheerleading, soccer, yo-yo, etc. So much that everyone was after her to join their team. Also revealed in Episode 26, it had been hinted that Miu may have feelings for Sosuke, but she denied it. In Episode 30 when Sosuke was infulenced by a Gaiark drink, he offered her a ring and she was touched. She was also exteremly torn when Sosuke's body was rusted and dying. It was also hinted that he felt the same way but he did not seem to mind when another man liked her in Episode 42. Her feelings for him were never touched upon again.

In Episode 48, it was revealed that their parents knew they were Go-On Wings without being told by them. They had sent someone to tell them to get out of the battle and needed them in Switzerland. They had already sent moving men to move all their stuff. Jii, their laison, believed Miu was being swept into fighting by her brother and that she was a fair young maiden and shouldn't had been cought 'in the middle' of war. She clarified she chose to do it out of her own free will. They were both taken in by Yogoshimacritein's Justice Dissolution. This helped to discover that they were wave energy and could be saved if the Deus Haguru Magia was destroyed---which is what the main Go-Onger did. Several months after the final battle, Hiroto and Miu continued their posh life style and were to make connections with the upper class in swank parties. They so until they reunited with their former Go-Onger and Speedor and Bomper came to recruit him to help the Engines save the Gunman World.

"Sparkling World!! Go-on Silver"