Gunpei Ishihara, Go-On Black
Full Name: Gunpei Ishihara
Ranger Designation: Go-On Black
Weapons: MantanGun, Cowl Laser, Handle Buster
Gear: ShiftChanger, Gunpherd and Carrigator Engine Souls, Change Soul, Blaster Soul
Engine: Gunpherd, Carrigator

In the beginning, Gunpei claimed to be a former detective. He wanted to be a Go-onger in order to stop the Gaiark. He believed alone he is an excellent hero. Of course being trained as a cop, he is a skilled marksman, in which he has no rival, he is also really good at sleuthing. His nickname is Chaser. He steals Bomper and the Engine Attache with the Engine Casts inside. When he sees the three Go-onger in trouble, he returns the Engine Casts, when he and Hanto transform into Go-ongers. He has a sub-par skill in lip reading which of course has a percentage of failing due to distance and obstructions. He can be very stubborn at times and clashes with Sosuke because they don't see eye to eye. Gunpei is the most level-headed of the team, he was able to deduce something was awry in Episode 11 when everyone's dreams were coming true. This was caused by the Gaiark and unfrotunately, he was 'wanted' by the police. He might seem serious and cold, but of course he has a soft side and he does care about his teammates. He does manage to loose his composure but refuse to admit any flaw in his character or in his actions.

However, he is not above to showing any stupidness of his teammembers, especially Sosuke. As for Hanto, he sees him as a little brother and protects him and looks after him. Gunpei met Gunpherd in Episode 4 and they are very much alike, so much that Gunpherd refused to be partners with him. Gunpherd's Engine Cast was found by a little boy and Gunpei and Sosuke tried their best to retrieve it and Gunpherd finally accepted Gunpei as his partner after witnessing his valor. They have been tight ever since. In Episode 28, it was revealed that he was not actually a detective but just a police officer. He was on his way to be one, but with the Gaiark around and the fact that the police didn't deal with them, he wanted to fight them. When the Go-On Wings came along, Sosuke and Gunpei had worked out their differences and then Sosuke would butt heads with Hiroto and at times Gunpei would too.

Hiroto and Gunpei are very much alike, maybe the reason they don't get along. In Episode 25, they came head to head when Hiroto wanted to destroy a statue Renn was attached to but Gunpei defended Renn. They have different views in which that Gunpei trusts his guts and feelings, while Hiroto believes the ends justifying the means. Hiroto says soliders don't do things because they want to but because they have to. Gunpei is not that easily susceptible to Saki's convining sister Sanae's feminine wiles. In Episode 34, he sees through her facade, except her last one in which she cons both him and Saki and steals and sells their Ginjiro Number One. In Episode 47, he wanted to convince his mother that he had a girlfriend she he didn't have to go along with an arranged marriage she had set up. So he decided to dress Hanto as a girl in a picture and he refused. They had a tiff but got together when Carrigator wanted revenge against Yogoshimacritein for forcing his race to extinction. Gunpei and Hanto sacraficed themselves in a kamikaze attack in order to defeat Chirakasonne, who absorbed and reflected their attacks. They along with Gunbir-Oh were vanished by Yogoshimacritein's Justice Dissolution. In reality, they were just converted into energy waves and returned to the physcial plane when Yogoshimacritein's Deus Haguru Magia was destroyed. Several months after the final battle, Gunpei returned to the police force and moved into the Special Crimes Unit. He was recruited by Speedor and Bomper to help the Engines save the Gunman World.

"Dash Dynamic!! Go-on Black"