Engine Souls #1-6
An Engine Soul is the Engine's soul separated from its body in the form of a small card-like items. When the Engine Soul is placed in a Go-Phone, one can communicate with the Engines. When the Engine Soul is not in use, they are kept in the Engine Soul Holster.

Change Soul
Much like the Engine Souls, they are card-like items that are primarily used for transformation by the Go-onger. Transformation is activated when set inside the GoPhone. The blue one is for Red, Yellow and Blue. The green one is for Green and Black.

Blaster Soul
Renn gave the Go-Onger the Blaster Soul to install into the Handle Blaster to perform the finishing attack of the EngineOh G6.

Engine Souls #7-9
These are the Engine Souls of Triptor, Jetoras and Jum-bowhale.

Kyuyu Soul
It is a special soul chip developed by Renn to aim at an Engine Formation in order to re-energize it.

Tokon Soul
It was created by Renn when the Power Souls didn't work to control the Go-Roader GT. The Tokon Soul powers the Go-Roader and controls it effectively.

Power Souls
Hiroto and Jum-bowhale developed these during the development stage of Go-Roader GT but they were defective and caused Go-Roader to go on a rampage.