Kyoretsu-Oh Engine Gattai Kyoretsu-Oh Engine Gattai
Kyoretsu-Oh is the combination of the three Primeval Engines, referred to as the "Powerful King of Trains." Kishamoth can break his body to either form the head, torso, and arms of Kyoretsu-Oh or form the hip and back armor of Engine-Oh G12. T-line forms the right leg of Kyoretsu-Oh and right arm of Engine-Oh G12. K-line forms the left leg of Kyoretsu-Oh and left arm of Engine-Oh G12. They piloted by Go-on Red as he seems to understand the Engines. Kyorestu-Oh is extremely powerful and uses its ability to shoot out a gust of cold air from Kishamoth's trunk, which can cool magma. Its techniques include the Railway Chop, the Dinosaur Kick, and the Kyoretsu Dino Bite kick. Kyoretsu-Oh's finishing move is the Kyoretsu Express, using the freezing mist to execute a burning-chop attack.