Engine Dai-Shogun Engine Dai-Shogun
Height: 59 m
Length: 48 m
Width: 25 m
Weight: 3000 tons
Speed: 750 km/hr
Power Output: 1400

The movie Engine Sentai Go-onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijoBang!! introduces the three new Wandering Engines who were robbed of hearts and Engine Casts by Maki's magic when they came to Samurai World, assuming human forms called the Flame-People. When setting in an Engine Cast, they say, "Engine Entering Soul." Once in their true Engine forms, they form Dai-Shogun. Its finishing attack is the Go-on Crimson Slash with its enlarged flaming Engine Sword. After Maki's death, Engine Dai-Shogun exhausted its energy from fighting her and turned to stone. In Episode 39 of the series, it landed on the Human World and activated by the Engine Sword. It was once again evil and started destroying the city. It was tamed by the soul of Retsu-Taka and formed again with the souls of Speedor, Bus-On, and BearRV. After destroying foes from the Samuari World, the casts were sent back to Samuari world with two visiting brothers.