Savage Sky Bankiju (Barbaric Machine Beasts)
The Barbaric Machine Beasts are monsters created to pollute the Earth. They are each separated into three sects, that are under the Pollution Ministers: Savage Ground, Savage Water, and Savage Sky. The Barbaric Machine Beasts are each upgraded with a special energy that enlarges them upon being defeated in battle, though the process is slightly delayed.

Shoukyaku Banki
Height: 218 cm to 54.5 m
Weight: 245 kg to 12.5 t
He is a Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast under Kitaneidas. He inserted various things such as cameras and bags into the furnace on his forehead to produce smog and perform his attacks. Shoukyaku Banki prefers to burn flowers and anything pretty to improve the toxicity of his smog. He fails in his mission when the Go-ongers arrive. Back at the base, he seduced and tricked by Kegalesia and forcefully stuffed into a device that upgraded him. Engine-Oh killed him.

Speaker Banki
Height: 219 cm to 54.8 m
Weight: 248 kg to 620 tons
A Speaker Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kitaneidas, able to convert beautiful soundwaves into noise pollution with his mircophone spear. He can shoot out the resulting soundwaves from his speakers. The Go-Ongers use ear plugs to avoid his attacks. Speaker Banki was later upgraded to generate louder soundwaves to withstand the earplugs. Saki is told by her boyfriend that Speaker Banki's weakeness is the speakers on his feet, that don't sound. Engine-O Gunpherd destroyed both Speaker Banki and his sound barrier.

Lens Banki
Height: 216 cm to 54 m
Weight: 243 kg to 607.5 tons
Kitaneidas sent this Lens Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast to use his power to teleport people into a Frame Dimension called Junk World. In the Junk World, they could mechanize humans to become new Ugats, because they were running out of spare parts to make Ugats. Though scrapped by EngineOh and GunBir-O, Lens Banki's pictures of their final attacks were used as information for Kagami Banki to use.

Antenna Banki
Height: 211 cm to 52.7 m
Weight: 237 kg to 592.5 t
Kitaneidas sent this Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast to interfere with television signals and trasmit his own hypnotic signals as a news anchor on his own news show. He brainwash the masses into polluting the city while forcing the Go-ongers apart (by having their wishes come true--Sousuke in the global Grand Prix, Saki an idol, Renn a quiz master, and Hanto a wealthy heir). He called a Ugat to be the cameraman to televise Gunpei's certain death but his belief in the others encouraged them to come to his rescue. Antenna Banki was defeated by GunBir-O's Gunpherd Gunfire.

Vacuum Banki
Height: 220 cm to 55 m
Weight: 240 kg to 600 tons
The Vacuum Banki is a dumb and bumbling Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast. Kitaneidas wanted to target the Go-On Wings, but Vacuum was unsucessful in capturing Go-On Gold. Vacuum Banki has the power to suck things into his vacuum bag. He was indeed successfully in capturing Go-On Silver and held her hostage, demanding Gold for his henshin items. He refused but Go-On Red arrive and obliged to give him his items, which he sucked into his bag and retrieved after Gold blasted him. He is the first Banki to be destroyed by Engine-Oh Jetripter.

Fusen Banki
Height: 215 cm to 53.7 m
Weight: 161 kg to 402.5 tons
Referred as the Tiger of Balloons, this balloon Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast rubbery body made him immune to most physical attacks as well as use his balloons in his Jet Balloons and Balloon Bombs attacks. Fusen Banki was sent by Kitaneidas to give off his smog-filled balloons to children, until the Go-on Wings drove him off. However, Hiramechimedes has Fusen Banki use his inflation power on Bomper and target him so the Go-ongers would get hurt protecting him. However, Seiku-Oh's interference ruins the plan as it scraps the Savage Machine Beast.

Dowsing Banki
Height: 214 cm to 53.5 m
Weight: 241 kg to 602.5 t
She is the dowsing rod Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast who uses a pair of tonfa as her weapons and as dowsing rods, she uses random English words, ending her setences with -ing words. She overpowers Engine-Oh Gunpherd until she weakened by being covered in flowers from a machine from the Junk World, with Engine-Oh G9 finishing her off.

Heater Banki
Height: 217 cm to 54.3 m
Weight: 268 kg to 670 t
A heater Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kitaneidas to put the city in a heatwave. He seemed not want to fight and was used by human workers as a food grill and hairdryer, frying Hiroto's hair. His last plan was to target the city's gastanks. Using the Burning Coil batons as his weapons, his signature attack is Firey-Wind Beam. He was frozen and destroyed by Kyoretsu-Oh.

Engine Banki
Height: 206 cm to 51.5 m
Weight: 232 kg to 580 t
An Engine Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast created by Kitaneidas based on the Engines themselves to avenge the death of Yogostein. Kegaleshia and Kitaneidas rode inside him just the Go-Onger ride the Engines. He was able to can transform from a dekotora form into a humanoid form. He was shrunk by the Kankanber and destroyed by the Kankan Mantangun.

Yatai Banki
Height: 225 cm to 56.2 m
Weight: 255 kg to 637.5 t
An Engine Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast who looks like a small mobile food stall called a Yatai. He cooks food and carries masks, cotton candy and various other things. Among his masks are a mask of Kegaleshia (upper left), a Ugat (lower right), and AkaRed (lower left) from "Boukenger vs. Super Sentai." He ends his sentences with "-wasshoi." He kidnaps children and takes them to a festival-like dimension lured by singing Yatai salesmen. In the dimension, he traps the children inside the cotton candy. He can trap the Go-Onger with rings and attack them with food. He gets involved with the vistants of the Samuari World, grows big and traps Engine-Oh in a game and Seiku-Oh in a fish pool. Gunbir-Oh saves them and the three robos destroy him.

Dumbell Banki
Height: 220 cm to 55 m
Weight: 321 kg to 802.5 t
An Engine Savage Sky Barbaric Machine Beast who was sent to use his heavy breathing to fill the air with carbon dioxide. Though strong, Dumbell Banki's forearms are so heavy that he cannot lift them up himself, and relies on two Ugatz named Ugatz L and Ugatz R to lift his arms for him via remote control. He is destroyed by the teamwork of Seiku-Oh and Go-Roader GT.