Saki Rouyama, Go-On Yellow
Full Name: Saki Rouyama
Ranger Designation: Go-On Yellow
Weapons: MantanGun, Bullet Crash, Handle Blaster
Gear: Go-Phone, Bear RV Engine Soul, Change Soul, Blaster Soul
Engine: Bear RV

The super-energetic, yet sometimes anxious Saki formerly worked as a food vendor at the race car track. At that very same race car track is when the Gaiark first attacked and she chose to fight and was chosen by BearRV to be Go-On Yellow. Even when she's sad or in agony, she remains with a smile and encourages others to smile. But she does have her breaking point, which is a real tough enemy. This 'smiling' motif came from a tree spirit she met when she was little. This was revealed in Episode 24, she thought he was normal little boy but was shocked to find out he had not aged. He approached her because she was crying because she was lost. Her nickname is Sweet Angel. In Episode 6, she meets Seji, a flutist, who she spent time with, but Sosuke had made himself and then the other members believe that she was in love with Seji and wanted to get married, hence leaving the team. But all of this was incorrect and these dellusions almost drove her away.

She stayed on point, she was not going anywhere. She just wants to fun, much like Hanto, which lead them to hang out together and like Bomper accessed, was because of their ages being close together. She and Hanto are sent to another dimension in Episode 9 and she looses her nerve but Hanto reminds her of the many times she has been brave. In Episode 11, she is made a pop idol, she is not completely sure of what is going on but accepts it as long as she is making other people happy. In episode 26, she defended BearRV in her pursuit to win the heart of Jetoras and then later save her from Prince Nigoru, by convincing Miu to team up with her. Since breaking Miu's icy heart, they both teamed up by Kegaleshia to form G3 Princess in order to subdue a common enemy in the form of Rombiako of the Sound World. The three worked great as a team, in fact they enjoyed having her along but unfrotuantely when Rombiako was defeated, she became their enemy once again.

In episode 34, it is revealed that Saki was an older sister she considers to be 'the devil' because she was so cruel to her as a child and continues to do so. Her sister managed to trick the unyielding Gunpei and steal Ginjiro Number One and sell it. In Episode 38, Saki and Miu had to prove themselves to themselves, that were formiable without the boys when they were rendered inmobil by Shower Banki. Several months after the final battle, Saki was seen working in a cake shop, as her dream is to own her own cake shop one day. When told that her sister called to have her paycheck sent to her instead of Saki, Saki tripped and dropped a cake on a woman who resembled Kegaleshia. She was recruited by Speedor and Bomper to help the Engines save the Gunman World.

"Smile Blooming!! Go-on Yellow"