Go-Phone Go-Phone
Transformation item for Red, Blue and Yellow. The ChangeSoul is set inside, and transformation can be activated.

MantanGun MantanGun
MantanGun are Special Arms for all five Go-onger, that resembles a gas pump dispenser. It can change by itself from Gun Mode to Rod Mode.

Road Sabre Road Sabre
Go-On Red's Go-On Gear sword made out of a strong metal that is capable of slicing a Gaiarc Machine Beast in half.

Garage Launcher Garage Launcher
Go-On Blue's weapon resembles a machine gun and shoots energy blasts capable to disabling a foe.

Racing Bullet Racing Bullet
Go-On Yellow's Racing Bullet can be thrown with an automatic control, directed towards an opponent. Her Go-On Gear can serve as a hand-held hammer or either as a boomerang, that zooms in the air by itself.

Highway Buster Highway Buster
The combination of the primary Go-ongers' Go-on Gear: the Road Sabre, the Garage Launcher, and the Racing Bullet. When an Engine Soul is set in the weapon, the Racing Bullet is fired, unleashing the destructive power of the Soul's respective Engine on the target.

Shift Changer Shift Changer
Transformation brace item for Green and Black, similar to the Go-Phones, they use ChangeSouls as well.

Cowl Laser Cowl Laser
Go-Black's Go-On Gear weapon resembles a speeder-themed laser gun.

Bridge Axe Bridge Axe
Go-Green's Go-On Gear axe is a flat double-sided axe with two lasers in the front.

Junction Rifle Junction Rifle
It is the combination of the Go-On Green's Bridge Axe and Go-On Black's Cowl Laser. Combined form of Green's BridgeAxe and Black's CowlLaser. First formed in Episode 5.

Super Highway Buster Super Highway Buster
In Episode 9, Highway Buster and the Junction Rifle were combined to form the Super Highway Buster. An Engine Soul-powered Racing Bullet is fired, stopping for a split second to take on Go-on Black's cowl. The Super Highway Buster releases the devastating power of the Engine Soul on the target.

Handle Blaster Handle Blaster
The Go-Onger's regular steering wheels go into the EngineOh G6's cockpit. When performing Engine-O G6's finisher, the Blaster Soul is set in it and it transforms into a Blaster Mode which uses as a gunsight and a trigger from a Handle Mode.

Wing Trigger Wing Trigger
The Go-on Gold and Silver's transformation and handheld devices. It is dependent on the Change Souls. It is used to pilot the Engines.

Rocket Booster Rocket Booster
Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver's side-arm that has six different attack modes which are Burning, Freezing, Lightning, Shining, Shooting, and Jet Booster.

Wing Booster Wing Booster
The combination of the Wing Trigger and the Rocket Booster, allowing Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver to perform a finishing attack by putting in any of their Engines' Engine Soul.

Go-Roader GT Go-Roader GT Go-Roader GT
Armored Wheel Go-Roader GT is a special project created by Hiroto and Jum-bowhale. In the development stage, Go-Roader went on a rampage because of the defective Power Souls created by Hiroto to activate it. It was able to be controlled with the Tokon Soul developed by Renn with Miu and Bomper's help. Its initial appearance is of a palm-sized wheel. Go-Roader assume a humanoid Action Mode. It can also get from human-size to giant size to fight along with Engine-Oh. To conduct the Go-Roader strike attack, it changes to Wheel mode and strikes with Engine-Oh G9's energy. Action Mode technique is the Go-Roader Kick. Another feature of the Go-Roader is its ability to store a Engine Soul (Speedor and BearRV are the only ones seen in the series do this), the Engine can control the human-sized Go-Roader in Action Mode. However, remaining in Action Mode for a long period of time exhausts the Engine's energy.

Double Engine Soul Kankanbar Double Engine Soul Kankanbar
This weapon resembling a crossing gate was created by Renn to use the Ancient Engines' power. It can hold two Engine Souls at once. It has a Rod Mode and a Gun Mode. Its finishing attack is the Crossing Stopper with T-line and K-line's Engine Souls shoot out in the form of a Railway Crossing. There is only one and can be wielded by any Go-Onger.

Kankan Mantangun Kankan Mantangun
When the Kankanbar combines with a Mantangun, it can hold up to three Engine Souls at once. Its finishing attack is the Kankan Kong Express with Kishamoth, T-line, and K-line's Engine Souls.