Hanto Jyou, Go-On Green
Full Name: Hanto Jyou
Ranger Designation: Go-On Green
Weapons: MantanGun, Bridge Axe, Handle Blaster
Gear: ShiftChanger, Birca and Carrigator Engine Souls, Change Soul, Blaster Soul
Engine: Birca, Carrigator

Hanto worked part-time as a pizza delivery boy on a motoped scooter when he met the Go-onger. He wanted badly to become one. His nickname is Vagabond. He transforms for the first time in Episode 2, along with Gunpei to save the first three Go-ongers. He is a rambunctious imp who has a rather short attention span, jumping from job to job. Even as a Go-Onger, he still works and manages to complain about it as well. He befriended the Engine Birca in episode 4 and was the first to fight a minister of the Gaiarc--Kegalesia. Kegalesia disguised herself in Episode 14 to figure out the secret of a dojo owner who broke the spell of one of her minions. The dojo owner took Hanto as his pupil, seeing he needed a leason in taking things seriously and focusing. Hanto fell in love wtih Rena, not knowing it was Kegaleshia in disguise. He rushed through a fight, wielding the heavy Super Highway Buster by himself and accidently put the incorrect Engine Souls in casts.

In Episode 5, Hanto took a job as a crepe vendor where he was adored by teenage female patrons. He and Birca have bascially similar personalities, as they both enjoyed the attention from cute girls. When Hanto's commitment to the team came to question, Hanto came up with an excuse with why he took the job, saying he was doing it to by beef for the others. When the day was saved, they had him promise to make good on his promise. According Bus-On, perhaps the reason he wasn't being a loyal teammember was because he was feeling left out. Hanto is not above not having fun, fun being his number one priority. In Episode 9, he and Saki naturally were drawn to each other and where sucked into another dimension and worked together to get out. In Episode 11, he was named heir to a rich old man who wasn't his grandfather but had him call him his grandfather. He didn't care as long as he was rich. Gunpei and Hanto have an interesting friendship, being that Gunpei could in theory be mean with Hanto because of his childishness like he is with Sosuke, he amused with it. Gunpei looks out for him and is like his older brother. Most of the time, Hanto works as Gunpei's heart, encouraging him to turn the other cheek.

In Episode 27, he dressed as the dead granddaughter of who he thought was a lonely homeless grandmother who lived in junk that she called her treasure. In reality, she was a tech-sorceress from Junk World who was tricked by the Gaiark to believe the Human World was going to attack her world. Thanks to his spirit, she helped the Go-Onger. In Episode 47, Gunpei wanted to convince his mother that he had a girlfriend she he didn't have to go along with an arranged marriage she had set up. So he decided to dress Hanto as a girl in a picture and he refused. They had a tiff but got together when Carrigator wanted revenge against Yogoshimacritein for forcing his race to extinction. Gunpei and Hanto sacraficed themselves in a kamikaze attack in order to defeat Chirakasonne, who absorbed and reflected their attacks. They along with Gunbir-Oh were vanished by Yogoshimacritein's Justice Dissolution. In reality, they were just converted into energy waves and returned to the physcial plane when Yogoshimacritein's Deus Haguru Magia was destroyed. Several months after the finale, Hanto went back to his fritter life until Speedor and Bomper came to recruit him to help the Engines save the Gunman World.

"Doki Doki Delight!! Go-on Green"