Hiroto Suto, Go-On Gold
Full Name: Hiroto Suto
Ranger Designation: Go-On Gold
Weapons: Wing Trigger, Rocket Dagger
Gear: Wing Trigger, Triptor Soul Engine, Change Soul
Engine: Triptor, Jum-bowhale

He is the leader of the Go-on Wings and can appear cold and uncaring, but he cares very much for sister and for the rules. His fighting styles are boxing and kickboxing. He and his sister Miu were chosen by the Wing Clan Engines and brought to the Machine World to train with Jum-bowhale and become Go-On Wings before the Go-onger team came to be. However, it is due to their training that they arrive late to the Human World in the battle against the Gaiark. He and his sister come from an extremely wealthy family and their parents live elsewhere. Go-on Wings initially view the five Go-ongers as being too inexperienced to protect the world from Gaiark. They believed they were 'the only ones' that could protect the world. He and his sister have a psychic connection with their Engines and are a bit preocognitive. With the Rocket Dagger, he can perform the attacks "Burning Dagger", "Lightning Dagger", "Shining Dagger", and "Full-Power Dagger." His partner is Triptor who refers to him as 'boss.'
Initially he butt heads with Sosuke and Gunpei and did not respect Renn too much. Funny enough, he had nothing personal against Hanto. Little by little, he grew to respect them all. With Sosuke, he learned to appericate his reckless and random acts. In Episode 25, he came head to head with Gunpei when Hiroto wanted to destroy a statue Renn was attached to but Gunpei defended Renn. They have different views in which that Gunpei trusts his guts and feelings, while Hiroto believes the ends justifying the means. Hiroto says soliders don't do things because they want to but because they have to. He would later come to respect Renn's intellegence and value it. In Episode 37, he and Renn had a mutual understanding in having the Ancient Engines come around when they blamed themselves for Sosuke rusting up. Hiroto convinced the Ancient Engines that it was part of their duty to get into risk and bad things would happen.

In Episode 20, Miu refused to believe Hiroto was a ladies' man from the Go-Onger who had witnessed it. She confronted one of the women and she explained she was not a girlfriend but wanted Hiroto to be a Hollywood star. The other women had aspirations for him, the woman blamed him for getting in the way of his potential future because he said he wanted to be a hero with her. She blamed herself for hindering him until he made it clear to her that he became a hero because it is what he wanted the most. Miu misunderstood this as that he was a Gattai (combination) fanatic. In Episode 29, Hiroto became obsessed with developing and using the Go-Roader GT when Hammer Banki severely injured Miu even though Go-Roader was exteremly dangerous and unwielding. It took the other's commitment to have him realize he was acting rashly and not thinking straight. In Episode 41, Hiroto found a egg lodged into Toripter and it hatched into a Wameikle from Stormy World. He nicknamed it 'Chibi' and it had bonded with him, so much that he didn't responded him with his Go-On Gold helmet on. Hiroto grew close to Chibi, even though he was not quick to admit it to the others.

In Episode 48, it was revealed that their parents knew they were Go-On Wings without being told by them. They had sent someone to tell them to get out of the battle and needed them in Switzerland. They had already sent moving men to move all their stuff. Hiroto and Miu both willingly chose to continue fighting and then were taken in by Yogoshimacritein's Justice Dissolution. While it was happening, Hiroto imporled Bomper to gather as much data as he can. This helped to discover that they were wave energy and could be saved if the Deus Haguru Magia was destroyed---which is what the main Go-Onger did. Several months after the final battle, Hiroto and Miu continued their posh life style and were to make connections with the upper class in swank parties which Hiroto did not enjoy. They so until they reunited with their former Go-Onger and Speedor and Bomper came to recruit him to help the Engines save the Gunman World.

"Break Limit!! Go-on Gold"