Dimensional Beasts Episodes 25-36
Maria modified the Dimensional Bugs into Bio Dimension Bugswhich combine animals and weapons to form Bio Dimensional Beasts.

Light Armadillo

From animals Maria selected, an armadillo is chosen to become the monster. He has the power to make shadows come to life and they echo their movements. Light Armadillo created Shadow Jetman, except for Gai who wasn't there, to help him fight the Jetmen. He could roll himself into a ball and attack the Jetman. Light Armadillo was destroyed by the Jet Garuda.
Dimensional Mammoth

Raita beats the monster and he takes them to primitive times along with him. There Raita meets a girl named Rika and they fall in love but unfortunately Rika knows she must give him up. They had to return through the portal and with Great Icarus, they destroy Dimensional Mammoth in their own time.

Shadow Jetman

Light Armadillo created these evil Jetmen from their shadows, as they grow stronger, the real Jetmen grow weaker. Maria creates a forcefield of light over the city at night to create daylight so the Shadow Jetman can destroy the city. There were only four, Gai was not there when the copies were made. Gai shoots Maria so the light field goes away, the Shadow selves vanish and they can defeat Light Armadillo.

Armor Snake

Armor Snake was created from a Samurai battl armor by Radiguet. This monster could become an armor and put itself onto anyone, controlling the host body. The host body, Ru, one of the survivors of a Vyram attack on his homeworld, destroyed the monster through an inner struggle.
Adhesive Cockroach

Maria tried to use this monster to defeat the Jetman. This monster temporarily disabled the Jet Striker by sticking glue on it but was destroyed by the Smash Bomber, the combination of their Bird Blasters with the newly assembled Beak Smashers. This monster was not enlarged.

Toxic Rat

This monster spreads deadly poison, created by Radiguet. This monster was destroyed by the Jet Icarus using the Tetra Buster.
Ant Bazooka

Toran made this monster, he plays a flute that makes ants bite people who become gluttons, eating virtually any animal, even alive. Ant Bazooka was killed by the Jet Garuda.

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