Full Name: Raita Ooishi
Ranger Designation: Yellow Owl
Weapons: Bird Blaster, Bringer Sword, Beak Smasher, Wing Gauntlet
Gear: Cross Changer, Corresponder
Special Attacks: Rock Drop, Deadly Thrust, Condor/Owl Towering Attack, Double Kick (with White Swan)
Jet Machine: Jet Owl

Raita was born November 26, 1966 and he is a good cook. A nature lover who enjoys vegetables and hates Vyram for their destruction of nature. He was not at all pleased to be told he was a Jetman and would have to leave his farm to fight the Vyram. But Kaori stayed to talk to him, work her way into his life and bring him into the team. Looked after Kaori and has feelings for her but felt she was unattainable. He knew in one meeting that she would never fit in the life of a farmer, so he simply put her up on a pedestal and dreamed of being her hero. He was raised by his grandmother, Kiyo Ooishi, because Raita's parents were busy. As Yellow Owl, specializes in raw strength techniques like head-butts, body blows, throwing techniques, and sumo-based attacks. He is also able to hurl boulders. Raita had a girlfriend Satsuki that moved away when they were still very young children, but had corresponded for years. And she wrote him saying she wanted to visit him now that he was living in the big city. To his shock, she had dressed up in shiny clothes and tons of makeup to look like a city girl. She dragged him all over town while the rest of the team faced a monster, and Gai would not let Ryu call Raita in, because he thought Raita should be allowed this time to himself with the girl he loved. Satsuki eventually realized she did not have to put on a silly act to impress Raita. He loved her just the way she was.

When Voice Jigen was leaving women unable to speak and sounding like horrible distortions. Because he rejected men's voice, Raita volunteered to dress as a woman and shattered its power and restored the affected women to normal. Raita was transported unconscious to Japan's primitive times, along with Dimensional Mammoth who sent him and his teammates, but they were seperated. He woke to find himself in a village, with the prettiest, smartest girl taking charge of him. And it so happened she looked exactly like Kaori. Her name was Rika. Because his bracelets were lost, there was no way home so he began to imagine a life with her. However, he found the others when they were fighting the monster, and a portal opened in the skies back to their own time. He could not change into costume to fly through the hole with his teammates and rubbed his wrists anxiously. Rika realized he needed the things she found with him and she went to retrieve them. She hesitated just for a moment to give them to him, until he recognized that she was grieving, because she knew this would cost her him. She gave them to him, and he returned to his present time. Three years after the Vyram were defeated, he married his childhood friend, Satsuki and ran a farm together. They went together to Ryu and Kaori's wedding along with everyone else.