Bird Garuda
Length: 54 m
Weight: 105 tons
It was made and brought to Earth by Dimensia fighters, Rie, Kanna and Dan. With the command "Transformation! Jet Garuda," it can transform back to its original form.

Jet Garuda
Height: 60.8 m
Weight: 105 tons
The cockpit of the Bird Garuda forms the head, the tailfins become the back, the rear intakes become the feet, the forward engines are the shoulders (the forearms and lower legs slide back slide back). It forms the headdress, body (with Jet Hawk as the center), forearms, and lower legs of Great Icarus and attaches to the rear of Icarus Haken to form Hyper Haken. It was destroyed in the final battle. Other attacks are the Dia Blizzard and Wing Slasher.

Garuda Burst
A blast of energy comes from the Jet Garuda's chest.
Garud Searcher
Lasers emit from the machine's eyes.
Garuda Claw
Fly and slash attack by its claw hands.

Hyper Haken
Length: 77.5 m
Weight: 199 tons
When the command "Fusion! Haken Scram" is given, it can reform into Hyper Haken which is armed with Hyper Buster which is a electric shock emitted from its bottom and Hyper G Attack, it passes through the monster accomplishing a punishing hit.

Great Icarus
The combination of Jet Ícarus and Jet Garuda into a powerful robot, formed from the command "Fusion! Great Scram" and armed with Great Beam that emits from its head and its finishing attack is Bird Maser.