Dimensional Beasts Episodes 1-9
By combining parasite Dimensional Bug with an earth object, the Dimensional Beast is created and would often have powers based on said object. Even if the Beast is destroyed, the Dimensional Bug most likely survdves and it can revive the beast and enlarges it.

Dimensional Bug Mother

Dimensional Bug Mother is an alien monster sent to Earth by Radiguet to drain people of their lifeforce and convert it into energy for Dimensional Bug Mother's babies in her abdomen called the Dimensional Bugs. She was the first opponent the Jetman fought, they did at half-strength. She was ultimately defeated by the five Jetman's combined firepower.
Fighter Jigen

This monster was originally Chokan's jet. She used it to search for the Jetman but Radiguet interferes with the mission and turns the jet into a monster. Ryu destroys the Fighter Jigen by setting him on fire with oil that was leaking from a damaged hose.

Faucet Jigen

Faucet Jigen wrapped water hose-like pipes around its victims. One kitchen sink sucked a man inside and left blood behind. He was destroyed by the five Jetman after Gai joins them.
Road Jigen

This traffic light monster injured Kaori to the point she was confined to a wheelchair. Road Jigen was the first to be destroyed by the Icarus Haken.

House Jigen

House Jigen was able to devouring people inside it. It served as battlefield for the first encounter between Ryu and Radiguet. This monster was the first to be destroyed by Jet Icarus.
Mirror Jigen

Mirror Jigen trapped people with their reflections. If the Jetman break the monster's reflective surface, the captives will parrish and the Jetman let this get to them and they are beaten. Just then, Ryu's Grandmother Tendo reflects a beam back at the monster with her pocket mirror which traps Maria inside the monster. She had to release the captives to escape as well. The Jetman then destroyed the monster.

Diamond Jigen

Maria places a biochanger on a rich man's famous 'bloody diamond' to create this monstter. Diamond Jigen induced insane greed to its victims. Ako was put under the spell. This monster was destroyed by Icarus Haken.
Fashion Jigen

Toran made Fashion Jigen out of a sewing machine and it would dress people and make them act according to the outfit such as a pirate, a mafia hitman, a ninja, etc. Raita's childhood friend Satsuki is turned into a sniper and she attacks the Jetman. Raita snaps her out of it by touching her heart and the Jetman kill Fashion Jigen.

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