Cross Changer
Henshin device worn on the wrist. They transform by shouting the device's name and pressing a bird shaped button on the bracelet.
Communication device for the team. Contains an icon representing each members respective bird which can be placed in the 'Bird Lock' on the control console of the Jetman's Jet Machines to form Jet Icarus.

Bird Blaster
Each Jetman has a sidearm laser pistol.
Jet Hand Cannons
The Jetmen fold their Bringer Sword into their Bird Blaster to combine them for more firepower.

Bringer Sword
Each Jetman carries a long sword as well.

Beak Smasher
Each Jetman later recieve an advanced gun with seeker lasers. They appear in Episode 33 and Chokan had to match scaps of blueprints to figure out how to make them work.

Smash Bomber
The Jetmen can combine their Beak Smasher with their Bird Blaster to create a Smash Bomber.

Wing Gauntlet
Gauntlets equipped with electrowaves, used to perform Wing Punch, also able of firing Wing Beams.

Flare Buster
The Neo Jetman's twin cannon used for their group attack.