Other Creations

EPISODES 22 - 24
Destruction Beast Semimaru

The ultimate beast of destruction, a bat-winged red insectoid is Empress Juuza's baby and that Radiguet raised from lavra-like development. The arrival of the Jet Garuda saved the Jetman from their first encounter with the full grown Semimaru. Semimaru is frozen but later escapes and damges Jet Garuda. While the robots are being repaired, Radiguet installs Semimaru to a power source to regenerate it. Jet Icarus faces it on its own when it returned. Seminaru was finally destroyed by the Great Icarus.

Strange Dimensional Lifeform Hell Medusa

Hell Medusa is a guardian of Vyram and was destroyed by the Great Icarus.

Trial Manufacture Robot G2

G2 is a little yellow malfunctioning robot created by Tranza with the mind and personality of a little child. When mocked by Radiguet, Toranza beats him up and the Grinam Soliders as well. After being kicked out by his creator, he was taken by Grey, who cared for him by a while. Grey gave him a new power cell to replace the one that had burned out. When G2 saw how much Grey was suffering without Maria, he went to the cave where Ryou was tending to her after she callapsed and he took her to Grey. He blocks Grey from one of Jetmen's attacks and is buried under a rock slide. When his systems shut down, he explodes.

EPISODES 44 - 45
Demon God Robot Veronica

Height: 92 m
Weight: 500 tons
A giant robot built by Tranza, which absorbs life force from human captives kidnapped by the Grinam Soliders. It was destroyed by the Great Icarus after being sabotaged by Radiguet. Tranza feeds Radiguet to the robot and with Radiguet's energy, Robot Veronica is considerably stronger. Radiguet escapes the robot and the Jetman destroy it. Absorbing the rest of the robot's energy, Radiguet developed energy spasms that would set off anything electrical near him.

Tomato King

A monster created by Tranza after Raita's childhood fear. Every power Raita imagined the Tomato King to have, it manifests such as people developing tomato heads and forcefields. Tomato King was destroyed by the Jet Garuda after Raita overcame his fear by eating tomatoes, reducing its power. The repercussions being that the Tomato King is consumed.