Jet Machines
Each Jet Machine has a 'Bird Lock' to place their Corresponder.

Jet Condor
Length: 29 m
Weight: 15 tons
Black Condor's individual machine shoots lasers from in front of its wings.
Jet Hawk
Length: 43.3 m
Weight: 94 tons
Red Hawk's jet emits lasers from above the cockpit.
Jet Swan
Length: 35.2 m
Weight: 24 tons
White Swan's jet blasts lasers from the black part next to the eyes.
Jet Swallow
Length: 24.9 m
Weight: 14 tons
Blue Swallow's jet detaches its wing to become the Wing Shield.

Jet Owl
Length: 35.3 m
Weight: 20 tons
Speed: Mach 10
A claw can attach to the bottom of Yellow Owl's individual machine and it becomes capable of carrying heavy rocks. It has four lasers.

Icarus Haken
Length: 43.3
All five jet machines become the command "Fusion! Jet Scram" and can perform the attack 'Jet Phoenix' that engulfs it with fire and 'Haken Buster.' 'Haken' means hook in German.

Jet Icarus
Height: 52.8 m
Weight: 94 tons
The five Jet machines combine with the phrase "Fusion! Scram Wing" to become a fighting robot with multiple weapons. They call forth each weapon through their control console. By the finale, Jet Icarus was severely damaged and beyond repair. It did appear in 'Super Sentai World' along with Daizyujin, Dairen'oh, Five Robo, and Invincible Shogun and lent power in 'Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.'

Birdonic Sabre
Sword with red bird-inspired handle.
Icarus Axe
Complex hatchet.
Icarus Magna
A large hammer-like weapon.
Jet Lance
A lance with a dagger-axe blade.
Jet Dagger
They can ultilize two daggers.
Icarus Crusher
It is a mace ball swung by a chain.
Shot Puncher
Jet Icarus' fist launches forth
Wing Shield
The wings of Jet Swallow is used as a shield, a standard use.