Jet Bouncer
Speed: 400km per hour
Yellow Owl and White Swan's Toyota 4x4 four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle. Four-wheel drive requires the driver to manually switch from two-wheel drive mode for streets and four-wheel drive mode for low traction conditions such as loose gravel, sludge or ice. The Jet Bouncer had a three-barrelled laser and the Jet Bouncer would carry the two Jet Speeders in the truck bed. The All-Trac system was a patented all wheel drive system used on a variety of Toyota badged models from late 1986 to 2000, possibly could have been a feature on the Jetman's 4WD. The feature was considered a revolutionary advance and its electronically controlled locking center differential was a first for Toyota in a passenger car.

Jet Speeders
Speed: 360km per hour
Black Condor and Blue Swallow each have their own motorcycle.

Jet Striker
Speed: 500km per hour
Red Hawk's high-powered dune buggy, which manoeuvrability and firepower outmaneuvers whatever the Vyram throws at them.

Fire Bazooka
Red Hawk's vehicle transforms into a bazooka that all five Jetman use to finish a monster. First appears in Episode 14.