Dimensional War Party Vyram
The Vyram conquered many worlds in the Back Dimension and they moved on to our dimension that they refer to as the Front Dimension to conquer it. They despise humans and see them as stupid and worthless. Their base of operations was the Vyrock, a brain-shaped castle capable of traversing dimensions. They betrayed their queen in the Back Dimension and sealed her in a prison. Without a leader, its four leading members compete to defeat Jetmen with the prize being leaders.

Other sources says it is spelled: Radiege
Cold-hearted officer who is the nearest presence to a leader of Vyram and will do anything to accomplish his goals, even help Jetman themselves. He prefered being unfront about his attacks and not a covert approach. The concealed half of his face is ancient while the other is youthful. Radiguet wielded the Demon Sword Bloody Gate. When Radiguet becomes angry he becomes Radigan, his true form. He would not acknowledge anyone who stands above him. When the Vyram Queen, Empress Juuza cfound them, he could no long stand her imperiousness and being her servant so he attacked her. She erased his memory and sent him to Earth and was human. He was found by a dying young woman named Saki that helped him as he was confused and panic-striken. He healed her with powers he didn't know he had/ Saki was in love with him but they were attacked by Juuza and his memory returned and so did his standard appearance. He guided the Jetman against the empress. Saki later begged him to come back to her, his skin became blue and he killed her. He would not acknowledge anyone who stands above him so had a terrible grudge against Tranza who overpowered him. He was fed to Robot Veronica and he absorbed its energy to power himself so he could defeat Tranza to become Vyram's leader but escaped with too more much power and wandered the city as a human once again. He would have energy spasms that would set off anything electrical near him. Eventually he was drawn to a battle between Toranza and the Jetman, and rescued Ryu while Toranza pursued the others. Ryu didn't know who he was but Radiguet lent him his strength. When Radiguet almost helped, Toranza tried to hold Ryu hostage, only him become his standard form once again. While the heroes thought they defeated Toranza, it was really Radiguet who dealt the final blow, that left Toranza in an insane asylum. Near the finale, Rie, having been released from Radiguet's control, stabbed him on the back, at which point Radiguet knew that he lost her forever, and preferred to kill her instead of "...give you to Red Hawk". He teleported back to the Vyrock base. He later went after Ryu and almost won the duel until the other Jetman arrived. and bonded with it. Radiguet bonded with the Vyrock base to become Raguem.

Height: 97 m
Weight: 5000 tons
Ultimately, he fuses with Vyrock to become the giant whose armor could not be penetrated by any weapon. The stab on Radiguet's back was the only weak spot in Raguem's armor, so Jet Ícarus attacked there with the Birdonic Saber, and fatally wounded Radiguet who, cursing the Jetman and swearing revenge, was defeated.

A robot who ironically was the most reasoning and mature of the Vyram. He was armed with the Grey Cannon, Mulshot Gun. Despite being a robot, he showed human feelings, especially love for wine, music, cigarettes, and particularly Maria, whom Grey shielded when fighting Jetman. They became a couple and he really loved her, wanting the best for her and would have risked anything for her. When she was dying, he was there for her and made sure her death was as peaceful as it could be. When confronted with Toranza's malfunctioning robot, G2, Grey gave his power cell to replace the one that had burned out. After Maria had passed, he had lost reason for going on. Grey's rival was Gai, and in episode 50, they battled in a last duel. Grey lost, but Gai approached him before Grey died, and lit him one last cigarette as a sign of acknowledgement as a worthy rival. And as Grey's soul lifted off in a swell of piano music just like that Maria used to play only for him.

She was formerly known as Ryuu's true love Rie, 22 year-old Sky Forcer W3. After the first attack of Vyram on Earth Ship, Rie fell through a hole in a spaceship from Ryuu's fingers into space. She was then found and brainwashed by Radiguet. She loves to battle, and her methods are cruel and cold. Armed with the Necrod, with sword, gun, and whip modes. As Maria, she retained Rie's piano playing skills, startling Maria because she didn't know how she knew it. Monsters created by her were often motivated by envy, and attacked mainly women. Grey became enamored with her and they became an item. One day, Mary lost a battle and it was discovered Maria was Rie
on the inside. Ryu found her and she had no memory of what happened to her after the accident. Ryu had to leave her to go to battle and Radiguet kidnapped her and made her Maria once again. After that every time Ryu saw her he called her Rie, which drove Maria crazy. Then one freezing rainy day she lost consciousness and Grey didn't know what to do for her. Ryu found them in a cave and Grey was forced to give her into his care. Little G2 saw Grey's distress and when the rain stopped and Ryu went out to search for firewood, he sneaked into the cave and took the unconscious Maria back to Grey. Near the end of the series Radiguet implanted a parasite on her body when she wanted to increase her power, but it turns her into a vampiric creature. It came with a price, her body was distorting, the humanity was being sucked out of her but it was also destroying what made her Maria. Grey went to the Jetman for help so they fought her. Ryu got close enough to hold her tight and told her he would always love her. He kissed her and her mind went into total chaos. The parasite left her body because Rie inside
loved him and Ryu destroyed the parasite. This time, she was both Rie and Maria, she remembered everything. She chose to go back to Radiguet when he appeared and she stabbed him in the back with Ryu's sword. Radiguet spun around and slew her. Ryu would have run to her but she held him back with his own sword. She refused him saying that she was a murderer and it couldn't be undone. Grey appeared and transported her to the ocean. She died in Grey's arms repeating Ryuu's name. The stab she caused to Radiguet allowed Jet Icarus to finally kill him with the same maneuver. Her ghost later appeared in the finale, saying goodbye to Ryuu after his marriage to Kaori.

A psychokinetic child who specialized into creating monsters based on children's playthings to satisfy his fun desires, and thought both enemy or ally fatalities as "just part of the fun". He had great psychokinetic powers. When the Jetman began to suspect that there might be innocent civilians trapped within their enemies bodies, Ryu began to stop serious attacks, afraid of hurting the child Toran might be. This unfortunately led to the other Vyram teasing Toran. The constant anger became unbearable, driving Toran to undergo a super-rapid growth, becoming Emperor Tranza.

Emperor Tranza
Toran became Emperor Tranza and seized leadership of Vyram. He wielded the Boltranza longsword. He had increased power and was able to do damage to the other three. They then united against him. Their first try was to create a monster but Tranza impoved upon it wiedling it to his advantage rendering them more upset. When Radiguet sabotaged Tranza's Robot Veronica so as revenge, Tranza fed him to the robot. He forgot about Radiguet and came up with a plan that could finally finish off the Jetman but was thwarted by Radiguet. Defeated by the Jetman in final combat as a result of Radiguet's infulence, he ended up becoming a weaken human in a mental institution. What became of him afterwards within the series is unknown but in the non-canon manga, his human body was taken over by Radiguet and he sacrified himself to destroy Radiguet.

Grinam Hei
From Grinam seeds, these black-skinned soliders are born, armed with axes. They are capable of launching explosive shells from their hands. They were later call forth by Zaigan in 'Super Sentai World' to fight against the Jetman and other Sentai heroes.

Empress Juuza
She was the previous ruler of Vyram, Juuza along her underlings Radiguet, Grey, and Toran had conquered many dimensions. Thought to be dead in the last battle in the back dimension, she returned after a long sleep, and came to Earth via a meteroite om Episode 17. After banishing the known traitor Radiguet to Earth, she was attacked by both Jetman and her 'servants', and ultimately was killed by Radiguet himself. She turned humans into pillars of crystal so she can feed off their suffering. Gai became a victim to her power and wanted to hide the fact he was turning into crystal from Kaori and before he did, he told her he loved her. Assuming her true Demon Beast form, Juuza fires bullets from her fingers and shockwaves and beams from her mouth. She gave birth to Semimaru before Radiguet killed her.

Demon Gods Gorg and Ramon
Natural enemies of humanity who needed a blood sacrifice to awake from their long sleep of stone. He did so after Radiguet offered his blood to them in Episode 30. The first thing they did upon their resurrection was killing Mu after his failure. Radiguet tried to put both at his service but they refused. From there they began to rescuing humans to turn them into pineapples to drink up. They de-power Maria, making her Rie but Radiguet later turns her back into Maria. Ryuu managed to mortally wound Gorg, with Ramon intending to asborb him. They were later fused together.

Demon God Mu
A servant of Ramon and Gorg, Mu was put to sleep along with his two masters since Taiko era. Now revived, he sought champions such as a boxer and a samurai, to combat and eventually kill. He can regrow his limbs when cut off. He abucted Kaori to be sacrficed to free his masters. Gai comes to the rescue and offers his blood and then the other Jetman came to save them both. Mu retreated and Radiguet gave his own blood. Though they were resurrected, they killed Mu for being useless in episode 30.
Demon God Gattai (Conglomerate)
This is a combination of Gorg and Ramon. Radieguet and Grey spirited away the dying Gorg and seeded Ramon with a Bio-Dimensional Bug, succeeding in gaining control over the fused Demon God. But the monster was killed by the Jetman using Hyper-Haken.