Commander Aya "Chokan" Odagirl
Good at martial arts, inventor of the mecha, her subordinates refer to her as Chokan. She can be both caring and severe to the Jetman. The most important thing in her life is her underlings, so much that she is willing to fight in the line of fire if necessary.

Kaori's butler was always there, chauffering Kaori everywhere but she was more than that. He raised her, and taught her everything from how to be a lady and to how to fight with kendo. In Episode 19, when Fortune Teller Jigen frighten Kaori into thinking she was going to die, her butler disguised himself as a demon, scaring her and awakening her to the fact that dying did not mean she should lose all of her courage. It was he that encouraged her to go out and save her friends.

Rie Aoi
She was 22 years old, she was part of Sky Force and she was to be Jet Swan and she was Ryu's fiancée. One day, she fell through a whole in a spaceship and slipped from Ryu's hands literally. She was taken in by Radiguet and became Maria of the Vyram. Ryu still loved her and told her that even with all the things Marai did, he sitll loved her all. Rie would occasionally appear time and time again, she backstabbed Radiguet and he killed her. She died in Ryu's arms and then grey took her.

Back Dimension Dimensian Warriors
Kanna, Dan, and Rie
They are the last of Dimensia, a world destroyed by Vyram. They chased Vyram to Earth with Jet Garuda. They arrive when the Jetman were overcome by Semimaru, Empress Juuza's baby, and saved them with Jet Icarus. Rie was the leader and Kanna loved him, they both are killed by Radiguet. Dan aveneges their deaths. Jet Garuda is left to the Jetman.
Episodes 23-24

Dan is young and curious, he falls in love with Ako. She finds him annoying but. He playfully gave her a ring made out of a daisy, saying they are married. Dan can change into a 'birdman' form and does so to avenge the murder of this friends and duels Radiguet. He has the ability to blow fire from his mouth. Radiguet stabbed him in the gut and he dies in Ako's arms as she makes him a ring out of daisy for him.

Ru and Duran
They appear in Episode 29, a young couple whose world fell victim of Vyram. They fled to Earth through a dimensional hole. Their special power is to change inanimate objects into weapons, though their powers can also be used for healing. The Jetman believed Duran was a Vyram and her the same. Ru is overcome by the Armor Snake and his body becomes victim to its control. He breaks the armor on his own and destroys the monster. They leave the Earth through another dimensional hole to rebuild their world and search for other survivors.

Supreme Commander Ichijou
Crazed higher up commander who created the Neo Jetman. He kicks out the old Jetman team and takes their Cross Changers. He locks the new team with Meteor BEM and are rescued by the defected team.
Episodes 40-41

Neo Jetman
J1, J2, J3, J4, J5
A team created by Supreme Commander Ichijou to replace Jetman. They received powers from Birdonic Reactors implanted in their bodies. J1 is armed with Neo Sword, J2 is armed with Neo Stinger scythe, and J4 is armed with Neo Slicer boomerang. They are all wield Neoshooter guns and Neomine grenades, and their group attack is brought from their Flarebuster twin cannon. They locked in a room with Meteor BEM by their commander. They eventually gave their Birdonic energies to Jetman, whose own Birdonic energies had been stolen by Meteor BEM.
Episodes 40-41