Dimensional Beasts Episodes 37-43
Maria modified the Dimensional Bugs into Bio Dimension Bugswhich combine animals and weapons to form Bio Dimensional Beasts.
Torpedo Piranha

Radiguet used this monster to attempt to kill Emperor Tranza. The Jetman destroyed him and he did not enlarge.
Laser Lizard

Emperor Tranza tried to use this monster to kill the Jetmen. This monster was killed easily by the Jetmen, but the same Dimensional Bug used to create this monster was used to create Hammer Chameleon.
Hammer Chameleon

A chameleon monster created from the Laser Lizard's dimensional bug. This monster was destroyed by the Jet Garuda.
Sniper Cat

Grey created this cat monster, who converted the Jetmen into chess pieces. Gai breaks off a piece of Grey's armor so he could use it as leverage in gambling his friends back with a game of Roulette Wheel. This monster was destroyed by Jet Garuda with Tetra Buster.
Meteor BEM

A piece of meteorite turned into a monster by Radiguet, that absorbed and or neutralized any form of Birdonic waves (which could be a form of bio energy) and nearly caused the end of the Jetmaen if it was not for the Neo-Jetman who gave their Birdonic waves for the team. This monster was finally destroyed by the Great Icarus.
Leech Drill

Radiguet made this tiny monster and had him sent in a rose boquet to Aya Chokan. When she breathe in the flowers, the monster went in her blood stream and possessed her. He has her take the Jetman's changers and put them in a microwave. The team knock her out and shrink Jet Icarus inside Chokan to fight it. They escaped from her tear duct and became huge. Chokan flew in Jet Garuda and destroyed Leech Drill with it.

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