Shirou Gou, Red One
Full Name: Shirou Gou
Ranger Designation: Red One
Weapons : Fire Sword, Spark Sword
Mecha : Bio Jet 1
Vehicle : Bio Machine 1

Age: 24
Abilities: Chodenshi (Super Electron) Radar is able to predict enemy movement based on trajectory within a 10 km radius.

Attacks: Diving Attack and Sky Punch

A Former space shuttle pilot, sometimes stern but always dedicated. Gou is a true leader whose personality was strenghtened by hardship as a youth. He never knew his father, yet became a space shuttle pilot. He guides the team though several tough moments and is more than willing to train himself and his teammates. Gou also has the ability to talk to animals.

Actor: Ryosuke Sakamoto (also appeared in Kamen Rider Black # 7, Solbrain # 17)
Suit Actor: Kazuo Niibori (also suit actor for the red rangers in Goranger, Battle Fever J, Denziman, Sunvulcan, all the way up to Jetman)