Shingo Takasugi, Green Two
Full Name: Shingo Takasugi
Ranger Designation: Green Two
Weapon : Hurricane Sword, Green Boomerang
Mecha : Bio Jet 2
Vehicle : Bio Turbo

Age: 23
Abilities: Chodenshi Scope is a x-ray vision used to find disguised Mecha Clones. Super Electron Scope, Break (Dance) Action in which he breakdances and knocks enemies down with feet. Super Jump in which he jumps so high to avoid enemies that they run into each other.

A former race car driver and strongman of the group, Shingo nevertheless abhors endangering human life. He once almost despaired when he was falsely accused of murdering a boy's father (it was a mecha clone, but the kid didn't know it) even if Shingo knew it was a clone. Uses breakdancing techniques to kill the bad guys.

Actor : Naoto Ota (also appeared as a semi regular in Janperson)
Suit Actor: Makoto Kenmochi (played monsters in Gavan and Sharivan, doubled as Metzler in Bioman, played monsters in Kamen Rider Black)