Shou Ronpo, Ryu Commander
Full Name: Shou Ronpo
Ranger Designation: Ryu Commander

Shou Ronpo is a dragon-like alien from the Draco System and commander of the Kyurangers. He tries to come off as imposing but just ends up behaving more like a mischievous old man. In reality, he is a guilt-ridden old man due to the loss of his predecessor and friend, Big Bear, constantly discouraging insubordination with the Kyurangers in fear of repeating his mistake. Despite that, he always manages to keep his composure even in the direst situations. Before forming the Kyurangers, Shou journeyed across various constellations to acquire the Skill Kyutamas. Originally, Shou's Change Kyutama, which allowed him to transform into Ryu Violet, was incomplete due to the limit of its transformation state as a Skill Kyutama. Encouraged by the other Kyurangers to move on in honor of Big Bear, his Kyutama is upgraded by the combined energy of their Change Kyutamas to help complete its transformation state, allowing him to transform into Ryu Commander. His meeting with Big Bear's spirit gives him the confidence to find the Argo and stop Jark Matter. Unlike the main Kyurangers, Shou uses the Ryu Tsueider, a staff that he carries around like a cane, instead of a Seiza Blaster to transform into Ryu Violet/Commander. After Orion's death, Shou stays in the past with Champ to make the necessary preparations for the Kyurangers to assemble in the future, before he is put in a cold sleep inside the Battle Orion Ship, where he is found by the other Kyurangers in the present. After Don Armage is defeated, Shou, now the supreme commander of the Rebellion, promotes Stinger to succeed him as the new commander of the Kyurangers.