Tsurugi Otori, Houou Soldier
Full Name: Tsurugi Otori
Ranger Designation: Houou Soldier

Tsurugi Otori is the former head scientist of the now abandoned Tsurugi Otori Science Laboratory from three centuries ago. He became the first human to travel into space where he obtained the Houou Kyutama, thus becoming immortal and uniting the universe as the first president of the Space Federation. When Jark Matter was founded to destroy what he established, Tsurugi founded the Kyurangers which he led alongside Orion. Ultimately, losing allies like his team strategist Cuervo, Tsurugi sacrificed his immortality in an attempt to destroy Don Armage. But the attack failed and Orion placed Tsurugi in suspended animation within the Argo while splitting up its Kyutama into the Ho, Ryukotsu and Tomo Kyutamas. In the present day, Tsurugi is revived by the Kyurangers after they reform the Argo Kyutama. Tsurugi soon realizes that the records of his past achievements and the original Kyurangers have been erased from history by Jark Matter, Armage having targeted Earth for being Tsurugi's home world. Unlike the main Kyurangers, but similar to Shou and his Ryu Tsueider, Tsurugi uses the Houou Blade and Houou Shield combo instead of a Seiza Blaster to transform into the red and navy-colored Houou Soldier. During the final battle, Tsurugi ends up being possessed by Armage and forced to absorb Shou Ronpo. However, thanks to Lucky's plan, both Tsurugi and Shou are rescued from inside Don Armage, leaving him hostless and vulnerable. After Jark Matter's, Tsurugi resumes his position as president of the Space Federation.