Full Name: Lucky
Ranger Designation: Shishi Red
Weapons: Kyu Sword
Debut Episode:
Actor: Takumi Kizu, Rei Tanaka (child)
Lucky is a naïve young man with both amazing luck and a strong will from Planet Luth in the Leo System. Because of his interpersonal skills and faith in others, this helps the team to acquire other Kyurangers as their mission progresses. Apparently a man who is blissfully unaware of the Jark Matter's invasion on the entire universe, he later reveals himself as a sole survivor of an unnamed planet whose destruction forced him to escape to Planet Luth. He is the descendant of Orion, thus making him inheriting both the blood of Orion and Leo system. Despite his amazing luck, Lucky is subjected to the constellation fortune and his prowess is badly affected when receiving a bad luck. He transforms into Shishi Red.

As the "Super Star" Shishi Red, Lucky's signature Kyu The Weapon mode is the Kyu Sword which allows him to perform the Regulus Impact finishing move. Unlike the others, his suit has no unique features.