Lucky, Shishi Red
Full Name: Lucky
Ranger Designation: Shishi Red
Weapons: Kyu Sword

Lucky is a naïve young man with both amazing luck and a strong will from Planet Luth in the Leo Minor System. Because of his interpersonal skills and faith in others, he becomes a key member of the Kyurangers, not only helping the entire team to gather, but also helping with their personal troubles on several occasions. Apparently a man who is blissfully unaware of Jark Matter's universal campaign, Lucky later learns that he is actually a refugee prince from Planet Kaien in the Leo System. This eventually resulted in Lucky becoming his homeworld's king after it is revealed that his father Aslan was supposed to be murdered by Jark Matter's Fuku Shogun Kukulga years ago. He eventually finds out, along with Tsurugi, that Aslan is actually alive, but was turned into one of Don Armage's brainwashed thralls. Thanks to his fellow Kyurangers, Lucky agrees with their advice that their main priority is to save the entire universe first, in order to save his father from Don Armage's control. Lucky is also a descendant of Orion, meaning he and his royal family inherited the blood of the Orion and Leo Systems. After Don Armage is defeated, Lucky resumes his travels through the universe with Garu accompanying him.

Despite his amazing luck, Lucky is subjected to constellation fortune and his prowess is badly affected when receiving bad luck. His luck and spirit is actually so much stronger than his ancestors. This makes him immune from having Don Armage project the fragments of his soul for his future resurrection onto Lucky's body. He transforms into Shishi Red.