Stinger - Sasori Orange
Full Name: Stinger
Ranger Designation: Sasori Orange
Weapons: Kyu Spear
Debut Episode:
Actor:Yosuke Kishi, Hinata Igarashi (child)
Stinger is a cool, mysterious man with a scorpion-like tail that can conjure a poison in its stinger to poison his targets, organic and robot alike, from Planet Needle in the Scorpius System. Following his brother's betrayal to their planet, Stinger spent the rest of his life searching him until he was scouted by Shou as the first Kyuranger, Sasori Orange. Ever since that day, he spied on Jark Matter for the Rebellion until he exposed his cover on Earth to save Kotaro and Jiro. At one point, he was a witness to Dr. Anton's death and was accused as a murderer by Champ before he cleared up the misunderstanding. During his final battle with Scorpio, Stinger injected himself with own venom to use their people's Antares technique to boost his strength while depleting his life. Fortunately, Scorpio extracted the poison from Stinger's body after being defeated by him.

As the "Poison Star" Sasori Orange, Stinger's signature Kyu The Weapon mode is the Kyu Spear which allows him to perform the Antares Impact finishing move. His suit differs from the others in that he retains his tail, which he can utilize as a weapon.