Naga Ray, Hebitsukai Silver
Full Name: Naga Ray
Ranger Designation: Hebitsukai Silver

Naga Ray is a young man with the ability to paralyze his targets for a short time from the Ophiuchus System, whose people are identical in facial appearance. Although his race had long ago sealed their emotions as a result of a catastrophic war on their planet, his peculiar interest in emotions led to an encounter with Balance and they partnered as bounty hunters. Once he and Balance initially met the first five Kyurangers as their bounties, Naga quickly befriends Lucky instead of tricking them to be handed over to Jark Matter in the hopes of learning more about emotions as well as the difference between good and evil. Because of Naga's decision to risk his life to stand by Lucky's side, this influenced Balance to save them and unlock their respective Kyutamas, allowing Naga to transform into Hebitsukai Silver. After the team's mission on Planet Toki, Naga becomes troubled by his lack of emotions which causes him to be manipulated by Akyanba into becoming Dark Naga and swaying him to Jark Matter's side. Lucky and Balance manage to regain him by exorcising the Micro Tsuyoindaver from his brain. After Don Armage's defeat, Naga and Balance reform the BN Thieves, dedicating themselves to retrieve treasures stolen by Jark Matter.