Jiro Sakuma
Jiro Sakuma is Kotaro's younger brother. wields a club during combat.

Jiro Sakuma is portrayed by Eishi Ofuji.
Big Bear
Big Bear is a bear-like alien who was the Rebellion's original commander and Shou's superior. After Big Bear sacrifices himself to save Shou by defeating both Ikargen and Mardakko, Shou takes his position, but is still traumatized by his death. It was later revealed that he is unable to ascend to afterlife due to his worries of Shou's foolishness in commanding the Rebellion, with his ghost unveiled once Shishi Red used the Ooguma Kyutama. However, after Lucky told him of how Shou commanded the team and seeing Kotaro's bravery despite being a child, Big Bear entrusted the young boy with Koguma Kyutama, giving the former a means to transform. After the battle, he finally gains confidence in Shou's team as returns to inhabit the Koguma Kyutama. wields a club during combat.

Big Bear is voiced by Kiyoyuki Yanada.
Eris is the forest spirit of Planet Keel in the Carina System who has the ability to manipulate plants. She has been charged with the protection of the Ryukotsu Kyutama, entrusted by Orion for centuries until Scorpio stole it. She later tells the Kyurangers about Tsurugi's past. wields a club during combat.

Eris is portrayed by Hinano Ayakawa.
Echidna is a woman from Ophiucus System who came to Earth in the wake of Naga's brainwashing into Dark Naga. wields a club during combat.

As with all members of Ophiucus System residents, she is portrayed by Taiki Yamazaki while being voiced by Ayumi Tsunematsu.
Orion is a warrior from Orion System and one of the legendary 88 saviors who fought alongside Tsurugi in the past against Jark Matter. After Don Armage's apparent defeat, he placed Tsurugi into a slumber within Argo and entrusted Eris with the Ryukotsu Kyutama. His name would later be used by the Kyuranger's own ship, which he encountered sometime later in the past when they crashed from an attack. In the occasion, he joins forces with the Kyurangers and helps Lucky, who is a distant descendant of him, to unlock the Saikyo Kyutama. However, after Don Armage is destroyed in the past, he dies from his wounds, thus Shou Ronpo and Champ decide to stay in the past to play the part Orion would in set up the events for the Kyurangers' assembling in the present. wields a club during combat.

Aside from being regarded as the strongest warrior to exist, he wields a club during combat.

Orion is portrayed by Kai Shishido.