Kyu Voyagers
The Kyu Voyagers are the Kyurangers' mecha, which are each associated with one of the Kyutamas. They were originally stored within the Orion until it was destroyed and they were transferred to the Battle Orion Ship.

Shishi Voyager
Shishi Red's personal Leo-themed Kyu Voyager.

Kojishi Voyager
Shishi Red's auxiliary lion-themed Kyu Voyager, which can combine with the Shishi Voyager to form the Super Shishi Voyager. It is normally in a palm-sized form until it is enlarged via the Kojishi Kyutama. Lucky nicknamed it "Caesar" when he was a child after his father gave it to him, and Garu is able to communicate with it.

Sasori Voyager
Sasori Orange's personal Scorpius-themed Kyu Voyager.

Ookami Voyager
Ookami Blue's personal Lupus-themed Kyu Voyager.

Tenbin Voyager
Tenbin Gold's personal Libra Kyu Voyager. It can perform the Happy Splash attack alongside the Hebitsukai Voyager.

Oushi Voyager
Oushi Black's personal Taurus-themed Kyu Voyager.

Hebitsukai Voyager
Hebitsukai Silver's personal Ophiuchus Kyu Voyager. It can perform the Happy Splash alongside the Libra Voyager.

Chameleon Voyager
Chameleon Green's personal Chamaeleon-themed Kyu Voyager.

Washi Voyager
Washi Pink's personal Aquila-themed Kyu Voyager.

Kajiki Voyager
Kajiki Yellow's personal Dorado-themed Kyu Voyager.

Ryu Voyager
Ryu Commander's personal Draco-themed Kyu Voyager. Its finisher is the Dragon Break.

Kuma Voyager
Koguma Skyblue's personal Ursa-themed Kyu Voyager. Unlike the other Kyu Voyagers, it is composed of two separate Kyu Voyagers.

Koguma Voyager
An Ursa Minor-themed Kyu Voyager that is much smaller than the rest of the Kyu Voyagers.

Ooguma Voyager
An Ursa Major-themed Kyu Voyager that carries the Koguma Voyager on its back.

Houou Voyager
Houou Soldier's personal phoenix-themed Kyu Voyager.

Houou Station
A satellite-like structure used as part of Gigant Houoh.

Houou Base
The Houou Voyager's self-propelled launch pad, where the former is stored between missions.

Battle Orion Ship
A giant battleship that becomes the Kyurangers' base of operations after the Orion's destruction, which Orion created to be the ultimate weapon against Jark Matter. It can also transform into a cannon that can be used by the Kyurangers' giant robots to perform the Orion Big Bang Cannon finisher.

Orion Voyager
Shishi Red Orion's personal Kyu Voyager, which is part of the Battle Orion Ship.

Kerberos Voyager
A Cerberus-themed Kyu Voyager that only appears in the film Uchu Sentai Kyuranger the Movie: Geth Indaver Strikes Back. Originally known as the Cosmic Destroyer Kerberos because it possessed the power to destroy planets, the Kerberos Stone needed to summon it was split into three fragments hidden on the Planets Dober, Husky, and Bull in the dangerous Cerberus System (?,Keruberosu-za-kei). Geth Indaver manages to summon Kerberos before the Kyurangers pacify it and turn it into a Voyager Machine to destroy his Geth Star. Following the battle, the Kerberos Stone fragments returned to their respective planets.