Kyu Voyagers
The Kyu Voyagers are the Kyurangers' mecha, each associated with one of the Kyutamas. Each Kyu Voyager is stored within the Orion.
Shishi Voyager
Shishi Red's personal lion-themed Kyu Voyager.
Sasori Voyager
Sasori Orange's personal scorpion-themed Kyu Voyager.
Ookami Voyager
Ookami Blue's personal wolf-themed Kyu Voyager.
Tenbin Voyager
Tenbin Gold's personal humanoid Kyu Voyager. Its finishing move is the Happy Splash.
Oushi Voyager
Oushi Black's personal bull-themed Kyu Voyager.
Hebitsukai Voyager
Hebitsukai Silver's personal humanoid Kyu Voyager. Its finishing move is the Happy Splash.
Chameleon Voyager
Chameleon Green's personal chameleon-themed Kyu Voyager.
Washi Voyager
Washi Pink's personal eagle-themed Kyu Voyager.
Kajiki Voyager
Kajiki Yellow's personal swordfish-themed Kyu Voyager.
Ryu Voyager
Ryu Commander's personal dragon-themed Kyu Voyager. Originally, it did not have a golden helmet called the Ryu Helm when Ryu Commander was in his incomplete Ryu Violet form. Its finishing move is the Dragon Break.
Kuma Voyager
Koguma Skyblue's personal bear-themed Kyu Voyager. Unlike other Kyu Voyagers, it is composed of two separate Kyu Voyagers.
Koguma Voyager
A bear cub-themed Kyu Voyager that is much smaller than the rest of the Kyu Voyagers.
Ooguma Voyager
An adult bear-themed Kyu Voyager that carries the Koguma Voyager on its back.
Houou Voyager
Houou Soldier's personal phoenix-themed Kyu Voyager.
Houou Station
A satellite-like structure used as part of Gigant Houoh.
Houou Base
The Houou Voyager's self-propelled launch pad where it is stored between missions.
Cerberus Voyager
A Cerberus-themed Kyu Voyager, known as the Cosmic God of Destruction Cerberus, that appears in the film Uchu Sentai Kyuranger the Movie: Geth Indaver Strikes Back. It revives when all three Cerberus Stones, sealed on Planets Dober, Husky, and Bull in the Cerberus System, are assembled.