Garu - Ookami Blue
Full Name: Garu
Ranger Designation: Ookami Blue
Weapons: Kyu Claw
Debut Episode:
Voice Actor: Kazuya Nakai
Garu is a wolf-like alien from the Lupus System who lost his pride, homeworld, and entire clan to Jark Matter. He speaks in a Hiroshima accent and often ends his sentences with "Garu". He lived on Planet Jagjag, where refugees live, until Lucky helped him to recover from his trauma and move on to fight for his own life. While not the brightest or most patient, Garu is always reliable in battle. He transforms into Ookami Blue.

As the "Beast Star" Ookami Blue, Garu's signature Kyu The Weapon mode is the Kyu Claw which allows him to perform the Lupus Impact finishing move. His suit differs from the others in that it has claws on both the boots and the gloves while the fabric resembles wolf fur rather than spandex, complete with a furry collar. When exposed to moonlight-like energy from Shishi Red Moon, he gains a power boost where his intelligence is increased to give him a more swift and elegant fighting style.