Champ, Oushi Black
Full Name: Champ
Ranger Designation: Oushi Black

Champ is a bull-themed fighting robot from the Taurus System, happy-go-lucky yet hot-blooded ladies' man while incredibly loyal to his friends. As Champ later found out, he was originally built as a war machine designated as a Bull-Type General-Purpose Destruction Weapon meant for Jark Matter's use. But the project's overseer, Champ's creator Doctor Anton, later revealed to be his good-half after separating himself from his evil-half, ran off with Champ as he made the robot good-willed, while teaching him to value all life in the universe. He was a professional wrestler for nine years until he became champion the day the good Anton was assassinated by Scorpio. Champ, assuming Stinger was the good Anton's killer, joined the Rebellion. He transforms into Oushi Black.

Champ eventually makes amends with Stinger once learning the truth of the good Anton's death as the two join forces to hunt down Scorpio. But Champ is damaged after taking a blow for Stinger and taken to Rebellion Headquarters to be repaired before joining in the Kyurangers' final battle with Scorpio. After placing Shou in suspended animation when they remain in the past to help him set up the Kyurangers' formation in the future, Champ learns the truth of his origins and feels ashamed to the point of disguising himself and going by the alias "Yagyu Jubei" while hunting his "older brother" Zero. Though he rejoins the Kyurangers, Champ is subjected to a series of berserker rages due to a mind control chip created by a still alive Anton's evil-half. This causes him to be brainwashed into his war machine directive before Stinger saves him through surgical precision. After Don Armage is defeated, Champ returns to the robot wrestling circuit, regaining his championship belt and going on to have a 99-win streak.