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Ayakashi Episodes 1 to 14
The Ayakashi are ancient spirits with nightmarish forms that serve the Gedoushu. Each Ayakashi has two lives, the second life allowing them to grow giant once they are slain in human-size battle.

Kagekamuro is armed with the Hikisoganto (The Joy and Sorrow Paired Face Swords), two swords that double as guns. His first life was taken by Shinken Red in battle, Kagekamuro resurrects into a giant that is destroyed by the Origami.
Youkai Origin: Okamuro, a giant face that appears at the door.

Oostumuji is armed with the Senpu Ogamato (Whirlwind Scythe Sword), allowing him to create gust of wind to hit his opponents. Otsumuji is first defeated by the Shinkenger's joint effort and then finally destroyed by Shinkenoh.
Youkai Origin: Kamaitachim, a wind yokai that is sometimes described as a trio of weasels, one riding on a gust of wind.

Arrogant in personality, Rokuroneri's talent is his Kaina Nobashi, extending his arms to attack from long distences in the underground. Shinken Green manages to outwit Rokoruneri and kill him, with Shinken-Oh destorying the Ayakashi when revived.
Youkai Origin: Tsuchikorobi, a tumbling monster that rolls over travelers.

Namiayashi is a two-toned Ayakashi who is armed with the Aodake Dankatsuso. Laidback and disturbing in personality, Namiayashi is sent by Shitari to do what he loves best, making others cry. He accomplished his goal by fooling a boy named Ryota with a false promise of seeing his grandfather again. His attack is the Tora Tsunami, creating a tiger from the right half of his body and a Sanzu River wave from his left to take out two opponents. He is killed by Shinken Blue and Pink, and then destroyed by Shinken-Oh.
Youkai Origin: Suiko or Kappa folklore, the water sprite.

Yanasudare is an Ayakashi armed with the Ryushi Rendanju, immune to any physical attack. He attacks whatever he considers pointless to exist in order to place humans in a state of utter despair. But as he can be hurt with Mojikara, Yanasudare is killed by Shinken Red using the Kabuto Disc's power and then destoryed by Kabuto Shinken-Oh.
Youkai Origin: Fusuma or Ittan-momen, a ghostly phenomenon from the folklore of Kagoshima Prefecture, which flies through the air at night and attacks humans.

Zuboshimeshi is an Ayakashi armed with the Tip of the Tongue Three-Foot Sword and sent to enter the mind of his victims with the eyes on his back and finding the one word that best desribes them negatively to turn their emotional pain physical. Due to Shinken Yellow's upbringing, she is unaffected consciously and drives Zuboshimeshi off. Resurfacing later, he goes after Shinken Yellow until Shinken Green holds him so Yellow can cover the Ayakashi's mouth. He was killed with the Kabuto Gorindan before being killed forever by Kabuto Shinken-Oh.
Youkai Origin: Satori, mountain-dwelling yokai that holds the power to read human thoughts.

An Ayakashi armed with the Edamata Sensenken (Branching Sharp Fan Sword). He is able to breathe a poisonous mist that only the power of the Kajiki Origami can cure. He infects all the Shinkenger except for Blue and Red fights him even though he is sick. His first life is taken with the Kajiki Gorindan and second life from the Kajiki Shinken-Oh.
Youkai Origin: Kodama, a spirit that lives in certain trees. Cutting down a tree which houses a Kodama is thought to bring misfortune, and such trees are often marked with shimenawa rope.

Hitomidama is a show-boating Ayakashi armed with a whip who is able to take control over his opponents, like ShinkenBlue and Tora Orgami. But after freeing Ryunosuke from Hitomidama's control, he frees the Tora Origami as the Ayakashi is killed by the Vassals and then destroyed by Tora Shinken-Oh.
Youkai Origin: Hitotsume-kozo, the size of a ten-year-old child and bald Buddhist pirest and has a giant eye and frigtens human beings and he enjoys silence.

Okakurage is an Ayakashi armed with the Sakasarokkotsu Tanso, using it to conjure rain storms whose rain drops induce despair. Okakurage can the umbrella on his head to fly and thus have an advantage over his land-based opponents. Okakurage was killed by Shinken Green, overwhelming Shinken-Oh as a giant until DaiTenku was formed to counter him in the air before destroying him off.
Youkai Origin: Karakasa is the spirit of umbrellas, has one eye, a long tongue, a single foot, and umbrella head.

Ushirobushi is the most feared among the Ayakashi, armed with the Onikobe Sekkeito, that he uses in his deadly Onigatana Nidangiri attack. He is sent by Shitari to kill Shinken Red, Juzo interferes and he is forced to fight both. He falls back when he starts to dry up. Ushirobushi later resumes, only to be killed by the Tora Five Rings Bullet and destroyed by the newly formed Tenku Shinken-Oh.
Youkai Origin: Otoroshi is a mysterious creature that is barely described as a pair of eyes and tusks that protrude from the swirling shadows of its mane.

Nakinakite is armed with a mace called the Niekane Jigokukon. He is sent to deploy his Shiro-Oniko (who resemble man in white tights) to take over a child's place, placing the child in a state of sadness. Nakinakite can also create the deadly infantile Aka-Oniko (red off-shoots) that latch onto his opponents and slowly increase in weight over time if unhappy, eventually crushing his opponents. Nakinakite is killed by Shinken Yellow and Pink in a combine attack, and then destroyed by Shinken-Oh after he was weighed down by DaiTenku.
Youkai Origin: Konaki-jiji resembles an old man, but it first appears in the form of a baby. He crushes whomever holds him.

Hachochin can shoot fire from its trunk as it resembles an elephant. He was first killed by the Kajiki Five Rings Bullet and then destroyed by Tenku Shinken-Oh. He is the basis of the Chochinobake of Japanese myth.
Youkai Origin: Chochin'obake in particular are created from the chochin lantern, as he originate objects that reached 100 years of existence and typically portrayed with one eye, and a long tongue.

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