Takeru's Father
He gave young Takeru the Sisi Origami and died. He appeared in flashbacks for episodes 1, 12, and 46.

Ryuzaburo Ikenami
Ryuzaburo Ikenami is Ryunosuke's father and the previous Shinken Blue, his teacher in both the ways of kabuki and bushido.

Mitsuba Hanaori
She is Kotoha's older sister, who was meant to be Shinken Yellow, but when she suddenly falls ill. Kotoha takes her place to continue their family's support of the Shiba House. He appears in Episodes 6 and 41.

Kurando Tani
He is Chiaki's father, he was supposed to teach Chiaki the ways of bushido but instead saw life in the best possible light. In reality, his way of life was meant to inspire Chiaki to become a samurai on his own, rather than be conditioned into the role. Because Chiaki's mother died when he was young, he wanted Chiaki to be a happy child. He appears in Episode 21 when Mako and Chiaki are in the same restaurant and it becomes a hostage situation related to the Kuroko.

Mamoru Shiraishi
Mako's father, a salaryman who transferred to a job position in Hawaii and brought Kyoko with him so she could recover from her battle ordeal. He later returns to Japan in order to bring Mako to Hawaii. He eventually comes to appreciate who his daughter has become and accepts her decision to remain with the Shinkengers in Japan. He appears in Episode 34.

Kyoko Shiraishi
Mako's mother and the previous Shinken Pink, Kyoko was gravely injured during her group's final battle with Doukoku. Now a paraplegic, Mamoru had brought her with him to Hawaii to aid in her recovery. Though she left Mako without a word, Kyoko had never stopped thinking about her daughter. He appears in Episode 34.

Kaori Sawada
Hikoma's daughter, whom he left in order to fulfill his duties as retainer to the Shiba Clan. Understanding her father's duties, she lived a relatively normal life, later marrying Koichi Sawada and have a daughter together named Haruna. They appear in Episode 38.