Genta Unemori, Shinken Gold
Full Name: Genta Unemori
Ranger Destinatiion: Shinken Gold
Weapons: Shinkenmaru
Gear: Sushi Changer
Origami: Ika Origami, Ebi Origami

Genta Umemori is a childhood friend of Takeru who meddled in his training, much to the dismay of Hikoma. Genta is the son of a Sushi Shop owner who mysteriously disappeared before the beginning of the series. Genta promised to Takeru that he would help him in his battle by becoming a samurai. He was given the Ika Disk by Takeru in secret. After many years, he developed his own 'Electronic Mojikara' and inherited the Gold Zushi cart from his father. The Shiba Household's vassals meet him after buying sushi from him, they were initially suspicious of him until he made a formal introduction. Though Takeru was reluctant at first for various reasons to allow Genta join the group, he allows Genta to fulfill his promise. Genta considers himself Takeru's best friend and his personality is hyper and fun-loving, bringing out a different side from Takeru. As Shinken Gold, he is the Samurai of Light and uses sushi-themed accouterments to transform and battle, including exploding chopsticks that he uses as a cook. He is considered a genius in using Modikara and is also one of the few who can use Modikara to create Origami, as well as being the only one in the group able to complete the Inromaru. When Kaoru reveals herself as the real Shinken Red, Genta immediately disapproves of her, given his relationship with Takeru, but accepts her when he realizes how kind she is also how her retainer didn't acknowledge Genta as a true Samurai. After the final battle, Genta leaves to open a restaurant with DaiGoyou in Paris, France. In the special DVD: The Light Samurai's Surprise Transformation, Genta uses the Kyoryu Disk to transform into Hyper Shinken Gold, in which he executes the Golden Flash attack.