Kotoha Hanaori, Shinken Yellow
Kotoha Hanaori, Shinken Yellow
Full Name: Kotoha Hanaori
Ranger Destinatiion: Shinken Yellow, Super Shinken Yellow
Weapons: Shinkenmaru, Land Slicer
Gear: Shodo Phone, Inromaru
Origami: Saru Orgami

Kotoha Hanaori is a sweet and careful girl and the Samurai of Earth. She worked in a bamboo shop and is skilled in martial arts. She became assigned as Takeru's vassal when her older sister fell ill, she revealed this to the other vassals in Episode two. In one of their early battles, she threw her Land Slicer to slice through Nanashi but it headed towards Takeru and while he avoided it, he didn't avoid the attack of a foe. Kotoha blamed herself and got scolded at by Takeru. Kotoha has rather low self-esteem. She genuinely believes that she is stupid and, despite her teammates' affection for her, often feels that she is a bother to them. In Episode 6, she is able to survive the barbs of an Ayakashi who makes insults psychically harmful. He was able to look into the inner most insecurities, Green holds him down and she stuffs rocks in his mouth and destroys him after he calls her a 'fill-in for her sister.' She becomes so exhausted, Chiaki carries her home. She idolizes Mako and strives to become more like her. In Episode 20, her soul is taken from her by an Ayakashi and grows very sick on her birthday. The other Shinkenger work as hard as they can in order to save her in time. Kotoha is deeply respectful of Takeru and wants to help him in any way she can. After Takeru tells her that she should stand up for herself and feel free to question anything he says or does if she deems it necessary, she finds that she has feelings for him.

In Episode 22, she pretends to be the fiancee of Genta's rich customer Matsumiya, because he has feelings for her because she doesn't care about his money. An Ayakashi possesses his clothing because of his feelings for Kotoha, Kotoha makes him believe she only cares about money in order for the feelings to fade away and the Ayakashi to get out of him. She is always game for everything, especially Chiaki's crazy plans, like in Episode 27. She can borrow the Inromaru to become Super Shinken Yellow, which she does in Episode 36. Kotoha often suggests that if Mitsuba never fell ill, the Shinkengers as a whole would probably be much stronger. However, a letter from Mitsuba raises her spirits. In the letter, her sister says she is no longer her replacement but now the true Shinken Yellow. After the final battle, she decides to go back home to her older sister