Chiaki Tani, Shinken Green
Chiaki Tani, Shinken Green
Full Name: Chiaki Tani
Ranger Destinatiion: Shinken Green, Super Shinken Green, Hyper Green
Weapons: Shinkenmaru, Wood Spear
Gear: Shodo Phone, Inromaru
Origami: Kuma Orgami, Kabuto Origami

Chiaki Tani, the Samurai of Wood, had no interest of becoming Takeru's vassal (protector) and often clashes with anyone who opposes him. Chiaki abandoned his training early and is thus the weakest of the group, he makes it up with his surprise attack strategies. He carries his Kuma Origami as a keychain in its Emblem Form. Chiaki's mother died when he was very young and he was raised solely by his father, who made sure he had a joyful childhood. In Episode 15, the other Shinkenger believe an impostor is him when causing mischief. To get him when he isn't looking, the impostor disguises himself as Kotoha, but he realizes in time and tells him to meet him at a quarry. He uncovers the impostor in front of the Shinkenger. He was able to master a technique to stop a sword with his two hands. Out of everything in the team, he enjoys Genta's company the most. He is also rather protective of Kotoha and gets along with her, as they are the youngest of the vassals. He always fights unconventionally and his type of strategies wins. For example, he let his body be used in Episode 27 in order to defeat an Ayakashi and return souls to their appropriate bodies after being swapped. In Episode 21, he spearheaded an attack to save a hostage situation and found out his dad was actually a good fighter as well. He can borrow the Inromaru to become Super Shinken Green, which he does for the first time in Ep. 27. He also uses the Kyoryumaru to become Hyper Shinken Green during time off from his duties, he often plays Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. He also wears Gotcha (an American-based surf wear brand) T-shirts in almost every episode. After the final battle, he becomes a freeter though Ryunosuke insists that he attend a University.