Shodo Phone
The Transformation Cellphone Shodo Phone is the transformation device of the Shinkenger that resembles a pen and a phone simultaneously. They draw the kanji that represents them and other command kanji in the air using the calligraphy brush of the Shodo Phone. They can transform, summon the Origami, form the Samurai Giants, summon a horse and call forth their elemental powers with the Shodo Phone.

Secret Playback Katana Shinkenmaru is the primary sidearm of the Shinkenger, they are activated by taking any of the black Secret Disks from inside the belt buckle and attaching it to the katana's hilt. Using a personal Secret Disk allows them to execute the attack called the Sprial Sword, activating their individual elemental power. By spinning the Secret Disk, the Shinkenmaru acts as a praxinoscope and it powers up depending on the disk itself.

The Rekka Daizanto is Shinken Red's huge personal weapon, it transforms from his Shinkenmaru. The Daizanto mode resembles a zanbato and the Ozutsu mode resembles a gun. Shinken Red can perform the Hyakka Ryoran (Many Flowers Profusionary Bloom) attack that can slash between any material such as an entire car.

Daizanto - Ozutsu Mode
By inserting an alternate disc, the Rekka Daizanto can assume a gun-like Ozutsu Mode, that can hold the team's personal Secret Discs to fire the Kabuto Five Rings Bullet with the Kabuto Disk or the Kajiki Five Rings Bullet with the Kajiki Disc.

Water Arrow
Shinken Blue's Shinkenmaru becomes the Water Arrow, a weapon that resembles a Japanese longbow, that can perform the Meikuo Shisui (Clear and Serene) attack.

Heaven Fan
Shinken Pink's Shinkenmaru becomes the Heaven Fan, her personal weapon that resembles a Japanese war fan. She can perform her Hakuryoku Manten (Full Impact) attack.

Wood Spear
Shinken Green's Shinkenmaru becomes the Wood Spear, his personal weapon that resembles a spear that can perform the Taiki Bansei (Talented Late Bloomer) attack.

Land Slicer
Shinken Yellow's Shinkenmaru becomes the Land Slicer, her shuriken-like weapon that can perform the Funto Doryoku attack.

Transformation Cellphone Sushi Changer
The Sushi Changer is Shinken Gold's transformation device that he developed after analyzing the Ika Disk. After calling out "Ikkan kenjo!", he folds up the Sushi Changer into the Shari Mode, places the folded Sushi Disk onto the back of the cellphone, and forms the nigirizushi-like Sushi Mode. By placing other Secret Disks onto the Shari Mode, Shinken Gold can summon his Origami.

Laceration Reckon Sword Sakanamaru
The Sakanamaru is Shinken Gold's primary Tanto weapon modeled after a fish. He accomplishes taking out opponents at lighting speed by using Iaido, a sword technique that involves quickly sheathing the blade after each attack. Genta combines this with his own style that he taught himself, a backhanded forward slash style. Utilizing the Sushi Disk permits Shinken Gold to conduct the Hundred Fillets attack and as well, the Current Hundred Fillets attack with Shinken Blue.

Secret Analysis Case Inromaru
The Inromaru is a seal-like transformation device that allows any of the Shinkenger to become Super Shinkenger one at a time. The device was originally incomplete, from the original Shinkenger (they could never complete it) and kept at the Tengen Temple until the Shikengers acquired it in response to the Gedoushu getting stronger. Genta completed it by using his power and the power from the other Hiden Disks. It can also be attached to the Shinkenmaru to form the Super Shinkenmaru.

Super Shinkenmaru
The Inromaru can be attached to the Shinkenmaru for the Super Shinkenger to have more power in their attacks.

The Kyoryumaru is a weapon used by the first Shinken Red, and it is now used by Takeru, in the form of Hyper Shinken Red. The Kyoryumaru's blade is capable extending over long distances. It first premieres in the movie and other Shinkengers have been seen using them. In the special DVD, Hyper Shinken Gold executes the Golden Flash attack.

Mougyu Bazooka
The Secret Loading Gun Mougyu Bazooka is an Ushi Origami-shaped weapon developed by Hiro. It can also be attached to the Shinkenmaru and the Inromaru to form the Super Mougyu Bazooka. Using the Final Mysterious Disk to the Super Mougyu Bazooka allows to execute the Heretic Ruination attack. With the 'big' Modikara, it can be enlarged to be used as Mougyudaioh's weapon.