Samurai Giant Daikai-Oh is a giant robot created by Ebi Origami when Shinken Gold writes the kanji for "transformation" to make his Ebi Origami transform and undergoes Samurai Transformation. Daikai-Oh has four face modes that each provide an ability like the default Daikai-Oh Higashi with the ability of light which can use the Ebi Claws on its shoulders as weapons. The defensive Daikai-Oh Nishi with the ability of wind which uses a iron fan to deflect enemy attacks. The Daikai-Oh Minami with the ability of heat which uses the two Ebi Katanas to swiftly take down opponents. Daikai-Oh Higashi's final attack is the Ebi Claws Reversing Hands and Daikai-Oh Minami's final attack is the Ebi Katanas Daimyo Fillets.

Ika Daikai-Oh
When Daikai-Oh wants to combine with Ika Origami, it goes into its fourth mode, Daikai-Oh Kita. Daikai-Oh Kita has the Electronic Mojikara of "north" and is the mode that combines with the Ika Origami, to become Ika Daikai-Oh, with a yellow face. After mode changing and combining, it says "Kita kita kita kitaa!" and Shinken Gold says 'Ika Daikai-Oh armed under providence.' Its finishing attack is the Squid Crash.