Height: 52.5 m
Length: 41.5 m
Width: 26.9 m
Weight: 1500 tons
Speed: 500 km/h
Output: 1200
Secret Lantern Daigoyou is a support robot created by Genta during his temporary fear of sushi, infusing his Electronic Mojikara with a lantern in his sushi cart. Daigoyou speaks and refers to his creator as 'Boss.' He is normally in the splintered form of the Secret Disc shooting Paper Lattern Mode and the Jitte Mode which Shinken Gold uses as a weapon. When Gold enters the 'big' kanji on his changer, it initates the Daigoyou Big Transformation, making it giant. Assuming this mode, Daigoyou can swap limbs with both Shinken-Oh and Daikai-Oh. His techniques include the Daigoyou Big Lighting and the Daigoyou Big Spin and he can retract his head and compress his torso to dodge enemy attacks. His finishing attack is the Secret Disk Turbulence Shot, firing the disks from his body. While combined, he requires occasional jumpstarting, which simply requires slapping the bottom of the lantern's handle. Genta originally designed Daigoyou after the lanterns carried by the goyokiki guardsmen from old samurai films. Ryunosuke points out that these were mere guardsmen and not samurai, so the kanji for Samurai on Daigoyou's lantern is actually a misrepresentation, much to Genta and Daigoyou's chagrin.