Ayakashi Episodes 15 to 27
The Ayakashi are ancient spirits with nightmarish forms that serve the Gedoushu. Each Ayakashi has two lives, the second life allowing them to grow giant once they are slain in human-size battle.
Narisumashi is an happy go-lucky Ayakashi with the ability to assume the guise of another, armed with the Urizane Fukusoto that can split into two. He assumed Chiaki's form to cause trouble among the team, intent to kill the confused and depress Chiaki once he complete his plan. However, seeing his reflection, Chiaki tricks him in order to expose him to the others. He was first killed by the Kabuto Five Rings Bullet and then destroyed by Tenku Shinken-Oh.
Youkai Origin: His name is translated as masquerade and his featureless face and shape-shifting powers is of the faceless Noppera-bo of Japanese myth.
Marigomori is an Ayakashi with a whiny introverted personality and the ability to curl into his snail-like ironclad armor who bent on making everyone more miserable than he is. But using a combination of heat and water, the Shinkengers manage to weaken the shell to use the Tora Five Rings Bullet to kill him. Revived, he is weakened by the elemental attacks of Shinken-Oh's Kabuto and Kajiki armor forms before it becomes Tora Shinken-Oh to finish him off.
Youkai Origin: Sazae-oni of Japanese myth had a hard, shell-like armor.
Isagitsune is an Ayakashi master of the black arts with knowledge of 100 spells, armed with the Teni Yosenken. Using his Fox Concealment Spell, he steals a hair from Takeru to conduct his Mirror Reflection Spell to spy on Takeru to look for the sealing character until his cover is blown. His other spells include Fox Whirling Spell, Foxfire Spell, Fox Throwing Stones, Fox Technique Reversal, Copycat Fox, and Yatagarasu Spell. He is killed by Shinken Gold, and then destroyed by Tenku Shinken-Oh with help from Ika Origami.
Youkai Origin: His name comes from the term 'Kitsune.' Tengu are bird-like harbingers of war.
Hyakuyappa is an dangerous Ayakashi master of 100 blades, armed with the Muradachi Senjinto and able to use the bladed projections on his body as tendrils. He goes to fight the Shinkengers to avenge Isagitsune, nearly killing the five before he falls back into the Sanzu River. By the time he resumes his campaign of vengence. He was killed by a Fiery Dance/Hundred Fillets combo, Hyakuyappa battled Shinken-Oh upon being revived before Ika Shinken-Oh freezes the Ayakashi before finishing him off with Spear Ika Flash.
Youkai Origin: Amikiri, was a small snake-like creature with a bird head and lobster claws. Its name means 'net cutter.'
Oinogare is an Ayakashi aiding Shitari in sacrificing schoolgirls, armed with the Aburatsuki Nameribanto and able to slip his opponents' attacks. His attack is the Sanzu Oily Hell , which allows him to disarm his opponents. However, the attack was used against him when Takeru uses his attack to ignite Oinogare's body in flames as Shinken Gold and Shiken Blue kill him with their Current Hundred Fillets attack. In the end, the revived Ayakasahi is frozen by Ika Shinken-Oh and destroyed with the Spear Ika Flash.
Youkai Origin: Abura-sumashi, was a spirit who surprised people on the Kusazumigoe mountain pass and was thought to be the ghost of a human who stole oil.
Utakasane is an Ayakashi armed with the Otomata Meikyoto who steals peoples' souls with his Soul Remove and break up his body in his Hundred Separation offense/defense combo. Acquiring a large number of souls, including Kotoha's, Utakasane falls back into the Sanzu River as his victims slowly die. However, Genta planted a Mojikara on Utakasane that not only forces him back to the mortal realm, but also to keep him from utilizing his Hundred Separation move. He was killed by the Shinkengers and destroyed by Daikai-Oh Higashi's Ebi Claws Reversing Hands attack.
Youkai Origin: Uwan is a disembodied voice that inhabits old, abandoned temples and homes.
Chinomanako is an Ayakashi who manages to steal the Diendriver from Kamen Rider Diend (who stole the Ika Origami from Genta) and did not need the Sanzu river water. He becomes an "Ayakashi Rider" called Chinomanako Diend Form and can use KaijinRide cards. Kamen RIder Decade and Kuuga team up with the Shinkenger to destroy this monster. He did not grow giant.
Youkai Origin: Mokumokuren is a spirit that lives in torn Shoji (paper sliding walls) and many eyes can seen within them and cause people to become blind if stared into.
Sasamatage is an Ayakashi armed with the Fukusui Chogekiken, he has a turtle motif. He would puts balls on people's heads and this would possess them and they would have Nanashi swords and terrorize the city. He was destroyed with the Daizanto using the Kabuto disk by Green and Red. He was destroyed by Tenku ShinkenOh and DaiKai-Oh.
Youkai Origin: Kameosa is a bottle that never runs dry.
Urawadachi seeks a 'sweet life,' he can slurp up lives. He is armed with the Sanshi Hotengeki. While Doukoku is resting, he goes to the surface world and targets Genta's rich customer Matsumiya when he is in love for Kotoha and possesses his clothing. When Kotoha breaks Matsumiya's heart, Urawadachi is forced out before being destroyed by the Tora Five Rings Bullet and then destroyed by Ika Daikai-Oh.
Youkai Origin: Ittan-momen ("one-tenth hectare of cotton") is a ghostly phenomenon, which flies through the air at night and attacks humans.
Gozunagumo is a spider-like Ayakashi who was banned for insubordination because he disobeyed Doukoku. Gozunagumo recruits Shitari to aid him in disposing of Doukoku by finding out what the sealing character is. He overpowered the vassals, to give Shitari time to get the Sealing Character from Takeru. Unfortuantely the newly awakened Doukoku sucks Gozunagumo back to the Rokumon Junk and punishes him by infusing him by his left over over-flowing power, turning the Ayakashi into a mindless super-powered beast. He was defeated by Super Shinken Red and then destroyed by Daikai Shinken-Oh with the IkaTenku Buster.
Youkai Origin: The ushi-oni or gyuki, is usually protrayed as a monster with a horned, bovine head.
Yumebakura is a man-eating Ayakashi sent by Doukoku to put Dayu to sleep and remember her origin by exuding a sleep-inducing mist. Once his job is done, he then enters the dream world so he can eat the dream incarnations of his human victims, thereby killing them. However, Blue and Green enter the Dream World after him and force the Ayakashi out and broke his mist inducer, breaking his hold over his victims. Appearing the next day with the Meimo Kyomuken and intent to eat humans after convincing by Doukoku and Shitari, Yumebakura is defeated by Super Shinken Blue and destroyed by Daikai Shinken-Oh with the IkaTenku Buster.
Youkai Origin: Baku devours dreams and nightmares and looks like a tapir.
Abekonbe is armed with the Sujigumonokasane Nagamaki (Muscle Cloud-fold Nagamaki) who came into being around the same time as Doukoku, though he serves under Akomaru. Representing his master, Abekonde emerges from bottom of the Sanzu River to offer his aid to Doukoku. Able to fire orbs from his mouth, Abekone possesses the power to switch people's souls with anything but he chooses to switch them with inanimate objects. After being forced into Shinken Green's body and then into a soccer ball and after being forced to mortally wound his body to undo his spell, Abekonbe is killed by Daikai Shinken-Oh.
Youkai Origin: Kasha is a cat-like monster that steals corpses during a funeral.

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