The Shinkenger have mechanical sentient beasts known as Origami, they serve as familiar spirits or Shikigami. The five main Origami start out about the size of a compact disc. Their default mode is Emblem Mode, which they carry as key chains or in their pockets. They can change into Animal Mode and can fight or perform attacks, despite their diminutive size. With the Shinkenger's Shodo Phone and the command Origami Daihenge (Origami Big Transformation), the Origami can increase into size. The Shinkenger can enter them and pilot them with their Shinkenmaru acting as controllers

Shishi Orgami
Shinken Red's Origami that whose Emblem Form is of the shape of a pentagon. In Animal form is that of a lion. The Shishi Origami can hurl at a foe to engulf in fire and conduct its Pentagon Grand Blaze attack, going straight through the foe. It forms the main body of the Shinkenoh.

Height: 20.1m
Width: 19.3m
Length: 26.5m
Weight: 800 tons
Speed: 500 km/hr
Power Output: 600

Ryu Origami
The Emblem Form of Shinken Blue's Origami is of a hexagon shape. Ryunosuke was given the Ryu Orgami by his father. In Animal form is that of a dragon and it shoot a blue fire stream in its Dragon Waterfall attack. It forms the right leg and helmet of the Shinkenoh

Height: 19.3m
Width: 8.5m
Length: 52.3m
Weight: 420 tons
Speed: 600 km/hr
Power Output: 300

Kame Origami
The Emblem Form of Shinken Pink's Origami is a circle shape and can create a whirlwind when spinning towards a villain. Its Animal Form is a turtle and forms the left arm of the Shinkenoh.

Height: 7m
Width: 17.2m
Length: 14.6m
Weight: 130 tons
Speed: 200 km/hr
Power Output: 100

Kuma Origami
The Emblem Form of Shinken Green's Origami is a square shape. Its Animal form is a bear and it can use its claws against an opponent. Kuma Origami serves his master faithfully, even if not justified, and forms the left leg of the Shinkenoh.

Height: 19.1m
Width: 11.6m
Length: 27.5m
Weight: 420 tons
Speed: 400 km/hr
Power Output: 300

Saru Origami
The Emblem Form of Shinken Yellow's Origami is a triangle. Its Animal form is of a Monkey and it uses its fists in punching and slamming attacks. It that forms the right arm of the Shinkenoh.

Height: 15.7m
Width: 18m
Length: 12.5m
Weight: 130 tons
Speed: 300 km/hr
Power Output: 100

Kabuto Origami
An orange Origami summoned from the Kabuto Disk, the Kabuto Origami can twist its head to use its horn to grip on an enemy in order to trip them or shoot energy blasts from long distances. On Shinken-Oh, the Kabuto Origami adds shoulder armaments and helmet.

Height: 16.1m
Width: 44.3m
Weight: 900t
Speed: 600km

Kajiki Origami
A cyan Origami summoned from the Kajiki Disk, the Kajiki Origami was in the wild, living in the ocean. Ryunosuke finds the Origami by fishing it out using a reel powered by a Secret Disk labeled with the kanji for 'to catch,' binding the Origami to it. The Kajiki Origami uses its bill as a sword and can fire its Marlin Torpedoes at the enemy.

Height: 24.4m
Width: 47.8m
Weight: 900t
Speed: 120

Tora Origami
A white Tiger Origami summoned from the Tora Disk, this Origami uses its drill-like limbs as weapons. After ending up in the land of dead in a previous battle, Tora Origami was under the control of the Ayakashi Hitodama until Takeru used the Shishi Origami to bring it back to its senses.

Height: 24.3m
Width: 25.6m
Length: 50.8m
Weight: 1100t
Speed: 650km/h
Power Output: 850

Ika Origami
This Origami Takeru gave to Genta in hopes that he would become a Samurai. Genta keeps it in his water tank on his sushi cart. It is a purple and white-colored squid that can spit ink at an opponent and is nicknamed Ika-Chan by Genta. It was stolen by Kamen Rider Diend in Episode 20 and return in Kamen Rider Decade Episode 25.

Height: 42.6m
Width: 73.6m to 62.2m
Length: 14.4m to 33.9m
Weight: 900t
Speed: 650km/h
Power Output: 650

Ebi Origami
This lobster Origami was created by Genta and it is nicknamed Ebizo. In battle, Ebi Origami can perform Ebi Claws attack and Futomaki Halos. It could not move until Takeru, Ryunosuke, Mako, Chiaki, and Genta charged it with Mojikara. The Ebi Origami is normally in Genta's water tank until summoned, it forms the basis of Daikai-Oh.

Height: 39.4m
Width: 43.4m
Length: 80.7m
Weight: 2000t
Speed: 650km/h
Power Output: 1500

Kyoryu Origami
A crimson dinosaur support Origami based on the Sauropoda that is normally in the form of the Kyoryumaru, a Shinkenmaru-like weapon, used by the first Shinken Red. The Kyoryumaru's blade is capable extending over long distances. Premieres in the movie and officially premieres on the show in Episode 31.

Height: 27.5m
Width: 19m
Length: 88.5 m to Infinity
Weight: 1000t
Speed: 600km/h
Power Output: 800

Ushi Origami
A red ox Origami that drags a black gissha (an ox carriage that carried nobility of the Heian period) behind it. It was the first Origami created more than three centuries ago by the people of Mount Tsunobue, but due to an excess of Modikara, it was unable to be controlled in those days and was sealed within the mountain until the Ushi Disk was created in modern times. Once brought under control, Shinken Red takes the Origami for the group. ShinkenOh can ride atop of the gissha with the Ushi Origami pulling it