The Space Criminals Alienizer is the common term given to alien criminals on Earth and on other planets.

Agent Aburera
Height: 240 cm
Weight: 120 kg
He is an agent of the Alienizer who arrives at Earth from the Planet Rain, his homeworld. He is considered the most sinister figure in the galactic black market and he takes credit for wars throughout seven galaxies. He is usually seen offering his services to other Alienizer. He provides the various types of androids and robots, only concerned about the money. He can open his cape to reveal bat-like wings. He can transform into and control a flock of alien vampire bats. Their bite can enlarge an Alienizer. He made his presence known to the Dekarangers in episode 30. In Episode 43, he leads a regime against the Space Police with Bisques, Kruger's ex-pal. Near finale, Agent Aburera takes over the DekaBase and planned to use the Robo to destroy Megalopolis to lure the rest of SPD to the Earth. He planned to use their own planetary forcefield against them, which he had been cooking since the beginning of the series to succeed in his aspiration to have a "world of just currency and crime". The Dekarangers bring him to justice. His name is a pun on the word Umbrella.

Superior to the Anaroids. Can unleash them at the enemy by throwing grenades; also relies on the firepower of his hand-mounted gun.

Appear from the grenades thrown by the Batsuroid. Generic fighting grunts.

Height: 222 cm
Weight: 213 kg
Result of a combination of parts shot by Batsuroids and Anaroids. First apperance is in episode 8.