Koume Kodou, DekaPink
Koume Kodou, DekaPink
Full Name: Koume "Umeko" Kodou
Ranger Designation: Deka Pink
Age: 20
Weapons: SP Shooter, D-Stick, D-Knuckle, D-Shot (Pink), BazookaInu, D-Revolver
Henshin Device: Change Notebook SP License
Vehicle: Machine Bull
Deka Machine: PatSigna, PatWing 05

She is cute and cheery, she has alot of energy and is a bit ditzy. She is infamously has a passion for bubble bathing with rubber duckies. In episode 31, she disguised as a princess who she resembled and found it tiring but kept a safety vest. In episode 46, she figured out she may have feelings for Sen but kept it to herself.