Doggie Krugger, DekaMaster
Full Name: Doggie "Boss" Krugger
Ranger Designation: Deka Master
Weapons: D-Sword Vega
Henshin Device: Change Notebook Master License
Deka Machine: DekaBase/CrawlerBase/DekaBaseRobo
His Saying: "Hyakkiyakou wo buttagiru!! Slash the crime wave!"

He is the rangers' captain who the Dekaranger refer as "Boss". He is an Anubinoid from the planet Anubis where the race is known as Anubiseijin (Anubis Star People). He is from the Shep-Tribe. He is a tough and honorable leader, he will do anything to save the ones he cares about. He gets uneasy when he thinks someone else is vying for Swan's heart. Doggy Krugger wanted to keep his ranger status secret but when Swan was in danger, he had to jump into action. He occasionally assists the rangers as DekaMaster. He uses the Master License as a communicator and transformation device.