The following are aliens that aren't criminals but end up helping the Dekaranger in some way. Only the costume suited aliens are here.

EPISODE 12: Eimii (Amy)
Amy is a huge baby who was thought to be lost but was really kidnapped.

EPISODE 18: Bettonin
Bettonin is from Planet Zoina and he crashed landed in Kyoto during the Feudal Era Japan. A samurai taught him the ways of bushido and samurai conduct. Beetonin ended up in present-day Kyoto, confused by the changes and Aburera made him believe the Dekarangers were invaders with bad intentions. But after Ban defeated him with Doggie's D-Sword Bega, Beetonin realized the truth.

EPISODE 24: Atuteika Arupachi
He was arrested of a false crime of kidnapping a child.

EPISODE 25: Hakutaku
Height: 178 cm
Weigth: 68 kg
She is a wise woman who has knowledge of all space herbs and changed herself into a human girl. She has a third eye in the shape of a small red jewel. Tetsu and the other five dekaranger are under her care but Houji is the one who needed the most of her guidance.

EPISODE 26, 34: Gin
He worked in the casino where an illegal fight was held.

EPISODE 27: Niwande
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 86 kg
Jasmine and Tetsu went to the jailcell on the planet Arukapo to find some information on Miribal. He has a thing for Jasmine and she can't read anything from touching him, so they agree to take him to Earth for him to help. He accidently shot his lady love Jasmine when he was aiming for Miribal, his ex-'lil bro'. Jasmine kept him from committing another crime.

EPSIODE 35: ??
He was a retired detective and was seeking revenge on Raja because he killed his daughter 13 years ago. The Dekaranger show him his errors of his ways.

EPISODE 38: Yaako
This female alien becomes humanoid eventually but when she looked like this, her height was 39 cm and weight was just 12 kg.

EPISODE 42: Montain
He is a famous astronomical scholar known throughout the galaxy. He worked for several years ago in his central observatory on earth, researching outer space. The Dekaranger went to him for information but they met Nikareida who was disguised as him.

EPISODE 45: Baachiyo
Height: 230 cm
Weight: 91 kg
It had no defining gender so it who love either male or female. After being born, it has normal size and then before become an adult, it enters an cocoon. It also has the ability to throw a web-like thread of its mouth. It falls in love with Testu when he was in drag.

EPISODE 48: Girenu
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 72 km
He was after Jerrifis. He is of the Sudora Star.